A Flavor Survey From Dr. Farsalinos to Fight Against FDA Restrictions on E-Juice Flavors

Back in March, the FDA put out an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) in regards to e-liquid flavors.

An ANPRM is a notice designed to test the response and to get feedback on proposed rules before the rules are actually drafted. The FDA is seeking comments, data, research results and other information about the role that flavors play in tobacco products. They’re looking for information about how flavors attract kids to tobacco products, if it results in youth initiating tobacco use, and if certain flavors can help adult smokers switch to less harmful products, such as vapor products.

The information they get during the commenting period, which ends June 19th, 2018, will inform regulations that they might make including new standards and restrictions on tobacco products with flavors. And this is important because even though vaping is not tobacco, the government classifies it as tobacco, so this is important for us to fight. If we don’t, we might end up only vaping tobacco and menthol e-juice in the future.

You can submit your comments through the regulations.gov website, but I’ll also post a link in the video description.

You Need to Take The Flavor Survey!

In response to the ANPRM, two of the most well-known pro-vaping scientists, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and Dr. Konstantinos Poulas, are conducting a survey of American vapers, which will be submitted to the FDA during the commenting period. This will be a very important piece of research for the FDA to review, so definitely make time to participate.

Take the survey here or complete it by phone by texting “CASAA FLAVORS” to 52886

It’s an anonymous survey that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. I took the survey and it literally took me exactly 20 minutes.

The FDA isn’t required to do an ANPRM, but they can choose to do it. Restrictions on flavors are obviously not something we want to happen, so it’s good that they are at least seeking public opinion before drafting the rules. So make your voice heard by commenting on regulations.gov and fill out Dr. Farsalinos and Dr. Poulas survey.

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