GTSonic GT-X1 Ultrasonic Cleaner Review

The GTSonic GT-X1 was sent to me for review from GTSonic. Get it from their Amazon store here. This is a small and sleek ultrasonic cleaner designed to clean between all of those tiny crevices that you can’t get to using something like a brush. Ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for cleaning vape gear, so let’s talk about the GT-X1!


  • 40khz frequency
  • Food grade stainless steel liner
  • 5-minute timer
  • Detachable power cord
  • 1.2 lbs
  • 7.3in x 3.9in x 2.4in
  • Black or pink colors
  • $69.99 (use this $10 off coupon code: S2JXGO3Z)


The GT-X1 looks great. It doesn’t look anything like a typical ultrasonic cleaner and just looks nice sitting on the counter. It also has a detachable power cord, which is really useful too because you can unplug it and store the cable inside the tank to make it more portable.

The detachable cord is also nice because you can take that off when filling or dumping the tank.

The bottom of the GT-X1 also has rubber pads on the bottom, which is nice because they’re grippy and they prevent scratches on your table or countertop.

And this thing is small. It’s 7.3 inches wide, 3.9 inches from front to back, and 2.4 inches tall. It also only weighs 1.2 lbs, so it’s very small and light.

It’s a nicely designed piece of gear.

Tank Size

The tank size is probably the biggest drawback of the GT-X1. It only holds 15 ounces, which isn’t much. But to be fair, you know what you’re getting here. This isn’t designed for big jobs. This is designed for cleaning small jewelry and at the most, a pair of eyeglasses.

So if you only need to clean one or two tanks or drippers, maybe three, this will work fine. But if you need something bigger, you can go with GT Sonic’s bigger model, the GT-F3, which I’ve also tested and really like.

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning

I’ve done a fairly in-depth video about how ultrasonic cleaning works (check it out here) but I’ll cover the basics here.

Basically, ultrasonic cleaners emit ultrasound sound waves that create bubbles that implode and break apart dirt on whatever you’re cleaning.

You can get ultrasonic cleaners that work on various different frequencies and these frequencies are designed for different types of cleaning. For example, low frequency, such as 25khz creates bigger bubbles and further distances apart, so those cleaners are best for large objects but can damage delicate parts.

Mid-range frequency cleaners have smaller bubbles and are implode closer together, so these are good for somewhat delicate parts. The most common frequency cleaners in this range run at 40khz and are the most common type of cleaner you’ll find in consumer models. These are great for things like glasses, metal jewelry, and of course, vape gear.

And finally, you have high-frequency cleaners. These frequencies create very tiny bubbles that are really close together, so they clean the most thoroughly, but also the most gently. That means they aren’t good for heavy dirt or large parts.

So like I mentioned, mid-range is the most common type of ultrasonic cleaner you’ll find in the store and that’s because it does a really good job of cleaning small parts with a decent amount of dirt. It’s just a good middle ground for most people.

With that all said, the GT Sonic GT-X1 is a 40khz, mid-range frequency model.

What Can Ultrasonic Cleaners Clean?

I use my ultrasonic cleaner to clean all of my atomizer parts. I fully disassemble my tanks and RDAs down to the o-rings and throw everything in the cleaner. You can clean o-rings, glass tanks, drip tips, barrels, build decks, and all.

You can clean coils in the ultrasonic cleaner too, but I’ve found that coils get so gunked up, that you need to dry burn the gunk off first for the best results. I’ve even cleaned pre-built coil heads like what you’d get with a sub-ohm tank. A pre-built coil head won’t come out like new, because you aren’t able to burn the gunk off the coil without burning the cotton, but it’ll definitely come out better so that you can get a little more life out of it.

There are just a few things you don’t want to clean in an ultrasonic cleaner, because the sound waves can destroy them, such as tungsten metal, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, or anything with flaws or chipped paint. The reason is that these types of things have little flaws and crevices that we can’t see, but the sounds waves are able to get into them. The bubbles implode inside those crevices and make them bigger, eventually breaking them in the process. Pearls are strange in this instance because they simply dissolve because they’re so soft. But other than that, most things are fair game.

How to Use the GT-X1

Using the GT-X1 is simple. Open the lid, place your parts in the cleaner, fill it up to the max line with water (I prefer hot water), add a few drops of soap, close the lid and then turn it on. You can turn it off anytime by pressing the button again. And when you’re done, take everything out to dry, dump out the water, and then wipe it down with a towel.

This has only one button and one-timer, which is set at five minutes. I would have liked for there to be more timer options, but five minutes is a good middle ground. I usually run my old cleaner in three 3-minute cycles for a total of 9 minutes. But two cycles at five minutes is easier, and honestly, even just one five-minute cycle is probably good enough to clean most vape gear.

I use regular dish soap, usually Dawn, because it’s gentle and strong, but also safe for our bodies. You do vape off these things, so you definitely want to use something that you’d be comfortable inhaling.

The one major thing to mention is that you never want to use bleach because it’ll damage the steel tank and you don’t want use flammable liquids, like alcohol because it can ignite and cause a fire. Just use water and dish soap. That’s all you need.

Final Thoughts

The GT-X1 is super sleek looking. It just looks great sitting on the counter. It doesn’t look at all like your typical ugly ultrasonic cleaner. It actually looks like a nice piece of tech gear.

The tank is fairly small, so you don’t get a lot of space to work with, but for small cleaning jobs, like for cleaning one or two atomizers, or if you want to take your cleaner with you on a trip or something, it’s very portable and it works great. And the small size doesn’t affect how well it cleans. It still cleans at 40kHz, like any other cleaner, it just has less space.

I’ve even thought about taking this to work and keeping it at my desk in case I ever need it. It would be really easy to plug in, fill up with some water from the water dispenser, and then running it for the odd cleaning jobs here and there.

Overall, I’ve very happy with it.

If you’re interested, GT Sonic sells the GT-X1 on Amazon. You can also check out their Instagram page here. GT Sonic sells the X1 for $69.99 but they gave me a $10 off coupon code so definitely use it if you’re buying one: S2JXGO3Z

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