E-Juice Review: Halo eVo E-Juice

Halo sent me five flavors from their Evo line for free for review.

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    Price: 10ml for $6.99, 30ml for 16.99

    Nicotine: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24

The Flavors

All of my reviews are based on 6mg nicotine.

Tangerine Swirl

The product description said that this would taste like a creamsicle, but it doesn’t. It tastes like tangerines for sure though. They really got the tangerine flavor down.


This one is supposed to taste like key limes. It smells great but tastes like cleaning liquid to me. It has a strong artificial lime flavor. I didn’t like this one.


Halo says thy use tree-ripe Turkish apricot flavor to create this one. It smells and tastes just like the description. It’s a smooth flavor and tastes pretty good.

Summer Peach

This one is just a basic peach flavor. It tastes like a real peach. Not like one of those super-juicy peaches, but kind of like a firm, dry peach. The flavor is pretty smooth. I enjoyed this one.

Apple Pom Smoothie

They were going for a smoothie flavor here but it doesn’t really taste like a smoothie. You can tastes the granny smith apple here, but not so much the pomegranate. Something I noticed in this flavor later after having recorded the review is that they seem to be using a menthol flavor in here. I think it’s to mimic the apple flavor. I thought this flavor was okay, but if you don’t like menthol, you might not like this one.

The Bottom Line

I liked all of the flavors that I tried in the Evo line except for Limelight.

Halo is known for putting out quality e-juices, but I think the EVO e-juice line tastes more like a budget e-juice. The EVO e-juices are extremely basic flavors. I wouldn’t doubt if they were simply one or two flavorings mixed into PG and nicotine. The flavors are not complex by any means and I think they need some fine-tuning. In my opinion, the EVO line is overpriced.

Halo’s other lines get high praise, although I haven’t tried them so I wouldn’t know, but the EVO line might not be a good representation of the rest of their products.

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