The HCigar VT75C Is Short-Circuiting With Some 26650 Batteries

Before releasing the VT75C device, HCigar didn’t seem to test the device with slightly longer 26650 batteries. It turns out that if you use these longer batteries, it can result in the battery short-circuiting and blowing up.

Unlike 18650’s, 26650 batteries are not as standardized in size. Some can be up to 2mm longer.

HCigar sent out a notice (see image here) telling customers to instead use 18650 batteries, which they say do not have the same problem, although there have been reports of the device getting hot with 18650’s too.

This is a major oversight. You can’t expect people to measure their batteries for micrometers in differences at the risk of having a device blow up in their hands, or even worse, their face.

And are they going to issue a recall? What about all of the people who buy these in shops who haven’t or never will see this notice?

If you own one of these, HCigar is offering replacements so contact them right away if you own one.

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