How to Increase The Nicotine Of Your E-Juice

If you have a bottle of e-juice that doesn’t have enough nicotine for your preferences, there’s a great formula you can use to figure out how much nicotine to add.

Just to clarify, this post isn’t about adding nicotine to a zero mg e-juice. That would be easy. This post is to help you figure out how much nicotine to add to an e-juice that already has nicotine in it.

Reasons for Increasing Nicotine

There are lots of reasons why you might need to add nicotine to an existing bottle of already-made e-juice.

  • A bottle of e-juice handed down from a friend
  • Buying a lower nicotine e-juice because it’s on sale
  • Buying your all-day-vape in lower nic when your normal nic level isn’t in stock
  • Increasing nicotine strength for beginner-style devices

In my case, I want to increase the nicotine strength of the e-juice that I already own to use in a device that is designed for high nicotine – the MyJet. Most of my e-juice is 6mg nicotine, but I’ve found that the MyJet is better with e-juice somewhere around 18mg.

I don’t want to make an entire bottle of e-juice 18mg, so I’m going to try adding nicotine right to the tank, which holds 1.2ml.

Ok, so let’s go over the formula.

Vd = ( Vo * ( Sf – So ) ) / ( Sd – Sf )

  • Vo = Volume Original (ml)
  • So = Strength Original (mg/ml)
  • Vd = Volume Delta (how much base you add) (ml)
  • Sd = Strength of Delta (how strong is the base you’re adding) (mg/ml)
  • Sf = Strength Final (mg/ml)

Here’s what I’m working with:

  • 1.2ml = size of container I’m mixing into
  • 6mg = original strength of the e-juice
  • 18mg = the nicotine strength I’m aiming for
  • 100mg = the strength of the nicotine that I’m using

Here’s the whole formula filled in:

Vd = ( 1.2 * ( 18 – 6 ) ) / ( 100 – 18 )

  1. 18 – 6 = 12
  2. 100 – 18 = 82
  3. 1.2 x 12 = 14.4 / 82 = 0.175

So that’s 0.175 ml or 0.175 grams of nicotine to add to 1.2ml of e-juice.

The conversion for milliliters to grams is generally the same if you’re using PG-based nicotine, so in this case, it would 0.175 grams of nicotine.

VG-based nicotine has a slightly different weight. If you’re using VG nicotine, use a calculator such as the one from Fill in all of your values, then adjust the target nicotine to the final ML result you got out of the formula. For example, I got 0.175 ml, which calculates out to 0.21 grams of 100mg nicotine.

This looks confusing at first but after you run through the process it will start to make more sense.

* source of formula

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