Hardware Review: iJoy Exo S Sub Ohm Tank

This was sent to me by HeavenGifts.com for the purpose of review. You can get this tank from HeavenGifts.com for $20.50.

Ijoy says that this tank can handle both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping and is a great atomizer for beginners. We’ll see about that!


  • 22mm diameter
  • 3.2 ML capacity
  • Standard 510 drip tip
  • Stainless Steel
  • 24K gold plated center pin for minimum voltage drop
  • Colors: Black or Stainless Steel
  • Optional rebuildable XS-1 single coil RTA deck

Included in the box

  • The Exo S Tank
  • A spare pyrex glass tank
  • Coils:
  • A bag of spare o-rings and an optional color ring for the tank

Machine Quality

The machine quality seems nice. The threading is nice and everything fits together well. The metal seems to be made of nice quality too.


To install the coils, the tank needs to be empty. You need to take the glass off of the tank and screw the coil into the base.

XS-C1 Coil (0.4 ohm – 30-70w)

iJoy claims that this coil is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping and makes mouth-to-lung vaping easier on the Exo S Tank. It doesn’t change anything. The only difference is that it’s designed to vape at lower wattages but you can’t vape this tank as a mouth-to-lung tank. There’s simply too much airflow, even all the way down.

At the lowest recommended wattage of 40 watts, it performs nice. It’s a cool vape and has good flavor. At the maximum wattage of 80 watts, it tastes a little burnt. It doesn’t seem to wick fast enough for that wattage. It gets better around 65 watts, but seems to perform the best at around 50 watts.

XS-C4 Coil (0.15 ohm (50-100w)

At the recommended lowest setting of 50 watts, it vapes fine, but it takes a little long to ramp up. The flavor is decent at 50 watts.

At the max 100 watts, the flavor is greatly improved. The vapor is a little hot though, which is probably because the tank is so short and the drip tip is close to the coils. This coil also seems to perform very well at 100 watts. I can chain vape and never get a dry hit, but that’s only at about a second per pull. At 2-3 second pulls, I notice the flavor changing a bit, which I can’t tell if it’s the coil going dry or the e-juice burning. The tank also gets a little warm at 100 watts after vaping for a while, but it doesn’t get hot. I prefer to vape this coil at around 60-70 watts personally.

You can get a 5-pack of XS-C1 coils for $19.00 and a 5-pack of XS-C4 coils for $24.50 from HeavenGifts.com

Filling the Tank

This is a top filling tank, so you just unscrew the top of the tank to fill it up. The top cap has some grooves that make it easier to grip, which is nice.

You should close the airflow before filling it to prevent leaking from the airflow holes, but I’ve filled it with the airflow open and haven’t noticed any leaking. But better to be safe than sorry.

Airflow and Drip Tip

The airflow control ring moves very smoothly. There are two airflow control slots, one on each side of the tank. With the airflow wide open, it’s decent, but a little restricted. With the airflow almost completely closed, it’s very restricted. On either of the included coils, you can’t mouth-to-lung vape, even with the airflow mostly closed.

The drip tip is a little hard to pull out, but it’s nice knowing that it won’t just fall out in your pocket. The drip tip hole is a standard 510 size, so you can use any other 510 drip tip you want, although the hole is just a tiny bit more shallow than average drip tips, so not all drip tips fit very well.


On a first hit after the tank has been sitting for while, I tend to get some spitback, but it goes away after the first or second drag.

The vapor production is very good. You get a good amount of vapor at 100 watts, but not huge clouds. You’ll probably burn the wick if you try to take a long pull on 100 watts. At 50 watts, you can get more vapor because you can take a longer drag.


Leaking seems to be hit or miss.

First, I let the tank sit on its side overnight both with the airflow open and closed and it didn’t leak at all either time.

I didn’t have any issues with leaking whatsoever while carrying it around for weeks until I decided to do a test of filling the tank with the airflow holes open. Since then, it leaks quite a bit. It also probably didn’t help that I opened up the tank when there was quite a bit of e-juice still in there. So what might prevent leaking would be to only fill the tank with the airflow closed and when the tank is mostly empty.

Pros and Cons


  • Doesn’t come with the rebuildable RTA deck and I can’t find it for sale anywhere
  • You can’t mouth to lung vape on this tank even though iJoy claims you can
  • There is occasional spitback of e-juice when vaping
  • The drip tip is just tiny bit shorter than average drip tips, so not all drip tips will fit perfectly
  • The coils are a little expensive


  • The machine quality is nice
  • The XS-C4 coils perform great at high wattage
  • The tank provides good flavor
  • It’s a top fill tank that’s easy to fill
  • The tank is very affordable at only $20

This was sent to me by HeavenGifts.com for the purpose of review. You can get this tank from HeavenGifts.com for $20.50.

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