IQ Releases a New Cucumber Flavor to Rival Juul’s

IQ is enhancing their juice line with their newest release, the IQ Cucumber flavor, which will be launched on Valentine’s Day. In conjunction with the legendary juice supplier, Hangsen, IQ has solidified themselves as a premier e-liquid supplier. Their new flavor delivers a cooling wave with every hit with a fresh cucumber taste.

They are one of the few manufacturers who is challenging Juul by also selling salt nic e-liquid. The key difference is that their juice is created for open pod systems that can be used across all their devices as opposed to being locked to a singular device like Juul. People say that iQ cucumber flavor tastes a lot like JUUL’s cucumber juice, which JUUL stopped supplying several months ago.

As part of their launch, they are offering a limited time Buy One Get One Free on all devices. You can get two iQ devices for yourself or share one with your loved one! iQ cucumber juice goes from 0% nicotine all the way to the standard 5% nicotine across all five of their flavors.

All you need to do is check out their collection of e-juices and to get an extra juice for free, enter the promo code CUCUMBER at checkout.

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