Reviewing the Kanger EVOD Twist and the Smok RBC Clearomizer


People always say that buying vape gear online is usually a lot cheaper than going to an actual brick and mortar (B&M) vape shop, but I wanted to see what my closest store had to offer.

I went in with the intention of purchasing a cheap backup battery and tank, just to have something to keep at work and I ended up with an 1000 mah Kanger Evod Twist and two Smok RBC clearomizers.

I actually recorded my video review a while ago (January 16th, 2015), but just got around to publishing it, so I have some updates that aren’t mentioned in the video. Check out my updates below the video.

The Kanger Evod Twist 1000 mah

I think this is a good battery. It looks great, feels good in my hand, and has a decent amount of power, but I returned it, entirely because of the price. I paid $30 at the store.

I felt a little ripped off after seeing how cheap I could get it online ($20 or less).

I bought my 20w iStick for $25 (see my review here), and the iStick is a better and much more powerful device. I just couldn’t bring myself to keep the Evod. If I paid $20, I absolutely would have kept it.

SMOK RBC (Redux Bottom Coil)


These little clearomizers are great for the price. I’ve since purchased two more so that I can keep a few flavors on me while I’m out and about.

You get what you pay for though.

You can’t expect a ton of performance out of a $3-$6 tank. The draw is very tight (see those little air holes near the base? There are two of them, one on each side), so if you like a lot of airflow, you aren’t going to like these clearomizers.

I recommend these for the budget-conscious vaper. If I could afford to buy a bunch of Nautilus Minis I would, but I can’t, so these work great for me.

They are also really sturdy, so I’m not worried about breaking them. And if I did, they’re only three bucks! I can just go get another one!

The flavor that comes out of these aren’t as good as higher quality tanks, but it’s not terrible.

Basically, these tanks get the job done and cheaply.

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