Lunar Rover E-Juice Review – Cocktail Flavors!

Lunar Rover reached out to me to review their Cocktail line, which includes three flavors all based around alcoholic beverages. They don’t have any real alcohol in them!

I’m not sure how they got their domain name because that sounds impossible these days! Or really expensive! On their About page they stick with the space theme and say that their mission is to “enable people to take one small step on a path for a smoke-free life”. Cheesy, but admirable!

Ok, so they sent me their sample pack, which includes three flavors;

  • Strawberry Mojito
  • Brandy Alexander
  • Bourbon Peach

You can order their sample pack in 30ml bottles for $44.95. If you want to order single bottles, they go for $20.95 each for 30mls or $44.95 for 100ml bottles. So the sample pack is definitely the best money-saving option because it saves you about $15 off the cost of buying 3 bottles individually.

All of their flavors come in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg (and 12mg is only available in 30ml bottles) and each flavor is 70vg / 30pg.

Lunar Rover SMO – Strawberry Mojito

They describe Strawberry Mojito as a refreshing strawberry with a sweet-tart balance, combined with a muddled mint and a kick of rum.

Smell: This smells just like a strawberry mojito. It smells very good! It reminds me of those frozen margaritas that you get in a plastic bucket and put in a freezer, which I like 😉 I can’t smell any mint, but that doesn’t mean it’s not in there.

I tested this using the Smok Alien 220 at 80 watts with the Peerless RDA built at 0.21 ohms.

Taste: It’s very interesting. The mint isn’t really strong and it’s not at all the type of mint I was expecting. It actually tastes like fresh mint right off a mint plant. I’ve never tasted that in an e-juice before and it’s really surprising. The strawberry is more of an earthy strawberry and I don’t get much rum at all. It doesn’t taste much like at alcohol like the other ones do – just strawberry and mint. It’s very light and both flavors combine very well.

Lunar Rover BAX Brandy Alexander

They describe Brandy Alexander as a mix of chocolatey creme de cacao with smooth brandy and rich sweet cream.

Smell: It smells really strong of Brandy and has a hint of rich dark chocolate.

I tested this using the Asvape Micheal mod at 90 watts with the Goon 1.5 RDA built at 0.57 ohms.

Taste: The cacao is there for sure, but the brandy isn’t nearly as strong in the taste as it is in the smell. I can taste the brandy though. The cacao adds a bit of bitterness, which isn’t bad. I think it’s the kind of chocolate they were going for. The chocolate and brandy flavors together are interesting and very unique. It does have some slight creaminess on the end, but it’s very light.

Lunar Rover BNP Bourbon Peach

They describe Bourbon Peach as an oak and caramel bourbon balanced with sweet juicy peach.

In all fairness, I’m not a big fan of drinking real bourbon, but I’ve given it a fair shot.

Smell: The bourbon smell comes out really strong after firing the drenched cotton, but the smell right out of the bottle is mostly peach.

I tested this using the Smok Procolor at 80 watts with the Goon 1.5 RDA built at 0.27 ohms

Taste: Right off the bat, I get straight up bourbon and peach. The bourbon comes out pretty well too. The peach and bourbon flavors are pretty equal and neither one overpowers the other. Lunar Rover says there are caramel notes in this e-juice, but I don’t taste those at all. I just get bourbon and peach. It’s pretty good though. I’m not a huge fan of real bourbon, so this isn’t an all-day-vape for me, but this something I’d definitely bring out now and then.

Final Thoughts

These are truly unique specialty flavors that I think are great for those occasions where you want something different from everything else on the market. They’re great for those days when you want something a little more sophisticated or when pairing with an amazing meal.

I’m really glad that Lunar Rover sent these to me and I’m also excited to see brands making unique flavors like this. Go check them out at

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