Morning Melon from Fresh Farms E-Liquid – Regular and Salt Nic Reviews

This was sent to me directly from Fresh Farms E-Liquid.

Fresh Farms describes it as a light but flavorful blend of Honey Dew, Watermelon, and Cantaloupe flavors, coupled with a hint of sweet minty goodness.

Regular Nic:

  • $17.99 for 60ml
  • Available in 0, 3, and 6 mg nicotine
  • 70%VG / 30%PG

Salt Nic:

  • $19.99 for 30ml
  • Available in 50mg nicotine
  • 70%VG / 30%PG


It smells delicious. It really smells like a watermelon candy flavor with hints of honeydew and cantaloupe. I don’t get any of the minty flavor they mention.

Regular Nic

This flavor is really good. It’s mostly strawberry, like a strawberry candy, and the other melons come out just slightly. It’s a more mild flavor, but it’s pretty sweet. The minty exhale is hard to get unless you’re using a really good flavor atomizer, but it is in there and when you get it, it’s a very nice touch.

Salt Nic

This tastes just like it smells; a strong strawberry flavor with hints of lighter melons. Out of all the Nic salt flavors that Fresh Farms makes, this one retains the most flavor in salt Nic form when compared to the regular nicotine flavor. This is my favorite of all the Nic salt liquids they make. It’s very good.

Where To Get It

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Regular Nic

Salt Nic

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