Strawberry Farm Cake from Fresh Farms E-Liquid – Regular and Salt Nic Reviews

This was sent to me directly from Fresh Farms E-Liquid.

Fresh Farms describes it as their take on the American classic butter cake with a twist. It has ripe strawberries and a flaky-golden crust.

Regular Nic:

  • $17.99 for 60ml
  • Available in 0, 3, and 6 mg nicotine
  • 70%VG / 30%PG

Salt Nic:

  • $19.99 for 30ml
  • Available in 50mg nicotine
  • 70%VG / 30%PG


It smells fruity and cakey. I’ve made cakes before and it reminds me a lot of how the cake smells before you bake it. Like a sweet cake dough. It actually smells pretty damn good.

Regular Nic

This is really, really good. It definitely tastes like a really sweet cake-like dessert with hints of strawberry. Man, this is a good one.

Salt Nic

The nic salt version tastes like a much milder version of the regular version. It’s very light, which is typical for all Nic salt e-juices since the nicotine starts to mute out the flavor, but this one is still pretty good.

Where To Get It

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Regular Nic

Salt Nic

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