My First Week of Vaping

Green Smoke Battery and Charger

During the first week of owning an electronic cigarette, I found myself using it waaaaay more often than I smoke regularly. I was almost worried that it would lead me to becoming a heavier smoker. I think I was so excited to have this new gadget that I just couldn’t put it down. Not to mention the awesome chocolate flavored cartridge I was using.

After the first week, my vaping habits started aligning with how I had smoked before getting the e-cig. I wasn’t vaping more than normal.

Another one of my worries was that when I was drinking, the electronic cigarette wouldn’t stop my cravings for regular cigarettes, but it worked perfectly for me. I vaped it as often as I normally would smoke cigarettes and I had no desire to smoke a Kool (my usual brand).

I also started to realize that all of a sudden I knew when to stop smoking it. Since an electronic cigarette doesn’t burn down like a normal cigarette, I was never sure how much to vape, but after only a couple of days it became natural for me to know when to stop. As soon as I had enough of the nicotine I craved, I was able to put the e-cig down after a normal amount of time. It usually takes me about 3-4 minutes to smoke a cigarette, and now it’s about the same with the e-cigarette.

I saw and felt the benefits of the electronic cigarette almost immediately after buying it. The best part is that I don’t struggle for air and wheeze anymore while I’m working out. I love this thing!

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