Myuz Astora Pod Vape Review

The Myuz Astora was sent to me for review from Get it here (affiliate). It’s a slick pod device designed by from California and it’s manufactured in China.


  • Size: 35mm x 14.6mm x 85mm
  • Pod Capacity: 3ml
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Output: 10w max
  • Output mode: 3.4v/3.0v constant
  • Colors: Supernova, Orion Nebula, Cosmic Swirl, Pearl Dust, Sapphire Dust
  • $19.90 from

In The Box

  • MYUZ Astora Device
  • 2 x Pods
  • USB Cable
  • User manual


The Astora looks really nice. It’s hard to get excited about the design of a pod device, but this one actually has a very cool look to it. It’s a lot like the resin designs that are popular with a lot of products today. You get this nice mix of colors on both sides, accented with the stainless steel body, which I think looks really cool.

It’s made of very light plastic, so it doesn’t feel as high quality as it looks in pictures, but it’s still a relatively nice device.

The size of the Astora is nice too and comparable to other pod products on the market. It’s 1.3 inches wide, 1/2 an inch thick, and 85mm, and just over 3 inches tall.

Adjustable Voltage/Wattage

The Myuz Astora has adjustable wattage, which is something that I wish more pod devices had. A lot of pod system manufacturers try to keep their products as basic as possible so that they’re easy to use for beginners to open and use. That’s good and all, but when you can’t adjust wattage or airflow, it might leave a new user with something they don’t like.

So I love that the Astora has adjustable wattage. To adjust it, there’s a little switch on the side. You can move it to three different positions. One position is off, the middle position is 3v, and the bottom position is 3.4v.

The Astora also delivers 3 volts of constant power, which means that no matter how much charge you have in the battery, you’ll always get at least 3 volts. That’s great for making sure you always get a good vape up until the battery is dead.

LED Light

The little LED light lights up while you’re vaping and it also indicates battery life.

  • Green: 100-16%
  • Yellow: 15-6%
  • Red Light: Less than 6%

The only drawback I can think of here is that the light stays green as low as 16%. That’s pretty low. So once you hit yellow, you can expect that you’ll need to recharge it pretty quickly.

The Pod

The kit comes with two pods, which is great. The pod holds 3ml of e-juice which is also pretty nice. That’s plenty for a pod device. The pod can only go in one way, so you can’t flip around. Not really a problem, but just pointing it out.

To fill up the pod, you’ll find a plug on the bottom. It’s easy to access and the fill hole is a decent size, so it’s convenient to use. says that the Astora has a leak free design, but I don’t see any sort of special features on the pod that would make it leak-free. I think anything with a plug like this has the potential to leak, but I will say that I haven’t had any issues with leaking.

Airflow & Performance

The Astora is draw-activated, so just take a hit and it’ll fire. The manufacturer says that the pod is ergonomically-designed and I would agree. It slims down near the mouthpiece and is comfortable to use.

The airflow restriction is what I would consider a loose mouth-to-lung hit. I feel like it’s a good middle-ground for people who like both MTL and lung hits.


The battery in the Astora is a non-removable 500mAh battery. That’s double the Juul, just to give you an idea of battery life. 500mAh at a max of 10 watts basically translates to pretty good battery life. You should be able to get a full day of heavy use without having to recharge.

You charge the Astora through the micro USB port on the side and you can vape while it’s charging, so that’s a great feature.

Final Thoughts

The Astora kit looks great, it’s small and comfortable to use, the wattage is adjustable, and the flavor is very good. The flavor is actually so good that the Astora has been my go-to device for the last month now. It’s really surprising. There’s really not a lot to complain about. If I had to name any drawbacks, it would be that the pods have a somewhat loose draw and that the device is all plastic and not as fancy as it looks in pictures, but I think those are both subjective.

If the Astora is something you’re interested in, you can pick one up from for about $20 (affiliate).

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