Nitecore Launches a New E-Liquid Mixer

Nitecore just announced their new DIY E-Juice mixer. Let’s take a look.

Quick Specs:

  • Has a heating plate that goes up to 70 celcius
  • It rotates at 70-1200 RPM
  • It uses a metal stir bar that either spins in the bottle or can spin the entire bottle
  • According to Nitecore, it’s nearly completely soundless

The guys on Plumes of Hazard didn’t like the idea of this product at all, but Wayne from DIYORDIE was really excited about it. Considering that this is for DIY e-juice, I’d have to take Wayne’s side.

The way it works is that you drop a metal stir bar into your container of e-juice. That container can be a bottle or a beaker, or whatever else you want to mix in.

And what’s cool about the heating plate is that you can speed steep your e-juice with heat while you’re also mixing it up.

When it’s done mixing, you get the stir bar out of the container by using a magnetic rod that comes with the mixer.

The capacity of the mixer is 17.5 oz and can mix 30-1000 ml of e-liquid, although they recommend a max of 200ml at a time.

It can also continuously run for up to 14 days.

Nitecore hasn’t listed the price on their site yet, but has it on preorder for $120. That’s actually a pretty good price. That’s how much other magnetic mixers cost without the heating functions. For a magnetic stirrer with a built-in heat plate, you can expect to spend around $200 to $1000 from what I’m seeing online.

You can see their demonstration video on YouTube or visit the product page for more info.

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