Review of NJOY’s Convenience Vaping System and the NJOY Daily

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    NJOY reached out to me a few weeks ago about doing a product review for a couple of NJOYs new products, the Daily and the Convenience Vaping System. These are both targeted towards people who are new to vaping. Normally I would turn down a review for something like this, but in the email to me, the marketing person with NJOY said something in her email that convinced me to do it.

    She said:

    I understand that you are beyond disposable products, but our goal is to get as many people into vaping at whatever level and we feel like these new products are a major step up in the market and a true test for us is seeing how more serious vapors react and if they think it’s a big improvement from the original e-cig days.

    That’s such a great mission!

    Isn’t that why all reviewers do what we do? We want to help people quit smoking and get into vaping, at any level of their vaping knowledge. People have to start somewhere, right? I’m not going to tell a new vaper to go out and buy a temperature control mod and an RDA. I’m going to direct them to something that’s affordable, entry-level, and user-friendly, like the two products NJOY sent me.

    Something else many vapers might not know is that NJOY is on our side, fighting for the rights of vapers. They won a lawsuit against the FDA in 2010 that prevented the FDA from exceeding its authority by attempting to regulate electronic cigarettes by classifying them as drugs. They are also the largest independent e-cigarette and vaping company in the USA. That’s right, they are NOT owned by big tobacco! Their flavors are formulated & blended in the USA and their overall mission, as stated on their website, is to make the combustion cigarette obsolete.

    Ok, now on to the review.

    The NJOY Convenience Vaping System

    The NJOY Convenience Vaping System is an entry level setup for advanced vaping. It’s called the convenience system because it’s designed to be convenient. It’s a no-frills device that uses pre-filled tanks. It’s a first step into advanced vaping without having to learn how to use a confusing device, having to refill tanks, or having to learn how to wick or change coils. You just buy a new tank when your old one is empty.

    The Pre-Filled Tanks

    The pre-filled tanks have a vertical coil, designed for more even heating and better flavor. NJOY also uses organic cotton wicks. On my ohms reader, the disposable tanks registered at 1.47 ohms.

    Tanks are $5.99 each for 3ml. 3ml is small, but it should last at least a day for heavy users. I’ve been using mine for almost two weeks and I’m only half way through it.

    It’s 15mg nicotine and you can’t buy anything lower or higher. That’s the only level the pre-filled tanks come in. The high amount of nicotine affects me quickly, because I’m used to vaping 6mg, but it’s surprisingly smooth. I was expecting a really harsh throat hit, but it’s not bad at all.

    I think the flavor is nice too. I only tried the tobacco flavor. In my opinion, it has a tobacco resemblance, but it’s not right on target. To be fair I haven’t smoked since 2010, so I don’t entirely remember the taste of tobacco. I also let three of my other friends try it and they all agreed with me that it’s sort of like a tobacco flavor, but with a hint of sweetness. Either way, I like it.

    The Battery

    The battery is 1000 Mah, which is pretty good. It should last most people a couple of days, unless you vape heavily, in which case you’ll probably need to recharge it every day.

    It operates at 3.7V when it’s fully charged. You can’t change the voltage or wattage of the pre-filled tank battery.

    At 3.7 volts on the battery using a 1.47ohm coil, the battery is pushing somewhere around 9.8 to 10.3 watts. That’s pretty good for an entry-level device.

    The pre-filled tank battery is $19.99 or you can buy a 3 pack for $44.99, which comes out to $15 per battery if you buy 3. That’s a pretty good deal. These are 1000 MaH batteries and they might not last a full day with heavy usage, so having backups are a good way to make sure you always have your vape and don’t end up smoking a cigarette.

    Style and Design

    I think it the convenience system feels and looks great. I actually thought the tank was glass when I first opened it. They designed the whole setup to look great.

    My wife told me that it looks feminine and that she really likes how small and light it is. She likes that it would be easy to throw into her purse

    I think it looks classy. I asked three of my other friends, all guys, and they also thought it looked very classy. I think both genders will find the appearance of this setup from NJOY appealing.

    The NJOY Daily


    The NJOY Daily is the very first step into vaping. This is the kind of device a smoker would pick up at 7-11 on a whim hoping it will help them quit or at least give them a better idea of what vaping is all about. After using it for a couple of weeks, I think the Daily has a really good chance of converting smokers to vapers.

    I received the Blue + Black Berry flavor. I let three people try it and all of them liked it. My cousin didn’t want to give it back!

    The Daily comes in three flavors; Rich Tobacco, Menthol, and Blue + Blackberry. I wish there were more flavors in this line although I suppose it makes sense since this is mostly designed for someone just trying to quit. If you want other flavors, you can move up to something more advanced. Still, it would be nice to have other flavors.

    NJOY claims that the Daily is more than 90% as satisfying as a real cigarette, based on a clinical trial. The results of the study show that the Daily has a strong throat hit that has an authentic feel. I agree, the throat hit reminds me of a cigarette. It’s not too harsh, but seems to be just right.

    They use concentrated flavoring, which I think is really important for high-nicotine e-liquid. High nicotine tends to make flavors mild, but NJOY got the flavoring just right.


    The e-liquid is 50/50 pg/vg, designed to maximize vapor thickness and volume. That’s also important for new vapers. For a smoker, if it doesn’t seem like a cigarette, they aren’t going to stick with it. It’s all about mimicking the experience.

    Another nice touch is that the Daily has a soft filter, like a normal cigarette. This will be most appreciated by people who like to keep their cigarette in their mouth while they’re doing something.

    I like to vape often, but the nicotine in the Daily is strong. It’s 4.5% nicotine, by weight, which I believe translates to 45mg nicotine! It’s so strong that I got nauseous after about 10 drags. But I normally use 6mg nicotine, not 45mg. The Daily is designed to give the user a quick fix, just like a normal cigarette. It’s perfect for quick breaks at work.

    Another thing I really like about it is that it’s quiet. A lot of tanks are noisy because of the airflow. I’ve been using this on calls with my clients at work and none of them are the wiser 😉

    There’s a lot to like about the Daily. It’s compact, it tastes good, and it’s satisfying in terms of both vapor and nicotine. It doesn’t draw a lot of attention like my other vaporizers. I like the discreetness of it when vaping in public. The Daily is perfect for taking a drag here and there without anyone noticing.

    Would I Buy The Daily and the Convenience System?


    Yes, absolutely! I’d buy them both.

    I’m extremely impressed with NJOYs entry level products. The engineering of the Convenience System and the Daily are perfect for beginners. A lot of smokers trying to quit often give up on vaping because they buy crappy gas station electronic cigarettes that are weak and don’t feel like a real cigarette, which is what a new quitter craves. The Daily is designed perfectly for someone trying to quit.

    The Convenience System is a great next step up from the Daily. It introduces them to the fun part of vaping and offers more power and satisfying clouds, as well as the option to buy refillable tanks and different flavors of e-liquids. It’s also very affordable.

    I’m glad that NJOY reached out to me to do this review because I really enjoyed using both the Convenience System and the Daily. I actually plan to keep my Daily in the garage so that I can vape it whenever I’m going in and out and I think I’m going to keep the Convenience System setup with me in my backpack for my commutes to work. I plan to buy another Daily to keep at my desk too.

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    1. I purchased an Anjou Daily last week for our trip to Disneyland used it both days with no problems The taste is awesome I believe that I’m done with cigarettes


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