Ohmwreckers – Sanity by VaporizedSTL.com – Blueberry Crumb Cake

VaporizedSTL.com hooked me up with Sanity for free for the purpose of review. I met them at The Big Industry Show back in April and they gave me their whole set of the Ohmwrecker e-juice line. A great group of people over there!


They have very attractive blue bottles made of glass. The square design is unique and not something I’ve seen before. The label has some sort of Archangel sitting on her throne. The artwork is cool, but it doesn’t look professional, which detracts from the “premium” concept of this line. They also have a batch number and a born-on date listed on the label.

The Smell and Taste

Vaporized describes Sanity as a chaos-infused blueberry crumb cake.

Sanity has a nice golden color to it.

When I open the bottle it sort of smells like a blueberry crumb cake, but when I put my nose closer to it, it smells more like an artificial blueberry flavor. It does smell like blueberry though, with a little bit of cake added in. It smells pretty good.

For this review I used the Stentorian Chieftain 220 watt box mod at 65 watts, with the Mutation X v3 on top, built at 0.51 ohms.

I could taste just a slight hint of blueberry in there with a tiny bit of cake flavor, but neither flavor is very strong. At 6 mg of nicotine, there’s hardly any throat hit at all, which is nice. It’s super-smooth.

Final Thoughts

The flavor isn’t as strong as I would like it to be, but it’s still fairly good. The flavor is very light and I’ve found that I can barely taste it after vaping for a while, but after refreshing my olfactory senses with a different flavor, this is a nice one to come back to.

Sanity comes in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. A 30 ML costs $20 and a 120 ML bottle costs $40. Pick it up here.

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