OMG So Good From Vape Craft Inc.

Vape Craft Inc. sent me OMG So Good (affiliate link) for the purpose of review.

Important Note!

Some of Vape Craft’s e-juice contains acetoin and acetyl propionyl, which they state on their site (They deleted their ingredients page shortly after I published this review. This link is to the archived page). These are questionable ingredients that many people are not comfortable vaping. None of their e-liquids contain diacetyl, although the previously mentioned ingredients have been said to convert into diacetyl.

They plan to launch a second version of their Vapors Anonymous e-juices that will not contain acetyl propionyl or acetoin, but they have not announced anything regarding the Vape Craft line.

They also sell several flavors that do not have acetoin or acetyl propionyl.

Vape Craft Flavors:

  • Candy Watermelon
  • Red Riot
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Yogurtize Me
  • Peachy Rings
  • Red Cow
  • Blue Banana
  • Rich Tobacco

Vapors Anonymous:

  • Vapeaholic
  • Relapse
  • Higher Power
  • Mystic Diamond

Product Specs

  • Price: $3.00 for 15 ml, $15.00 for 120 ml
  • Nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12
  • 70 VG / 30 PG



It smells like a sweet pastry dessert. It definitely smells creamy and I can smell the vanilla and brown sugar. I do not smell the bourbon flavor they mention in their product description.


OMG So Good tastes great. I could not taste any bourbon flavors, but there are definitely light hints of vanilla, custard, and brown sugar. After a couple of hits, I started to taste the cheesecake on the exhale. All of the flavors are mild, but not too mild.

What Other People Are Saying

One person mentioned that OMG So Good tastes exactly as described and hits all of the flavors Vape Craft is going for. He said that it’s not mild and it has a creamy finish.

Another reviewer claimed that he had let it steep for 10 days, came back, and then the flavor was almost entire gone, like vaping straight unflavored VG.

And the last review I read was simply titled “Steep it.” He said that after a month of steeping, the flavors came out.

Would I Buy It Again?

Like I mentioned in my review of Vape Craft’s Strawberry Custard, the flavor is great but I wouldn’t buy this again simply because it contains acetoin and acetyl propionyl. If they removed those ingredients, I’d buy it for sure. I really enjoyed the flavor of OMG So Good.

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