Strawberry Custard From Vape Craft Inc.

Vape Craft Inc. sent me their Strawberry Custard (affiliate link) for the purpose of review.

First, I want to apologize for the audio issues in the video. This was the first review using my new camera and I forgot to turn the microphone on. Fortunately, or unfortunately for your ears ;), I recorded this using a backup mic connected to my computer, but the quality is nowhere near the quality of the mic when it’s connected to my camera.

Important Note!

Some of Vape Craft’s e-juice contains acetoin and acetyl propionyl, which they state on their site (They deleted their ingredients page shortly after I published this review. This link is to the archived page). These are questionable ingredients that many people are not comfortable vaping. None of their e-liquids contain diacetyl, although the previously mentioned ingredients have been said to convert into diacetyl.

They plan to launch a second version of their Vapors Anonymous e-juices that will not contain acetyl propionyl or acetoin, but they have not announced anything regarding the Vape Craft line.

They also sell several flavors that do not have acetoin or acetyl propionyl.

Vape Craft Flavors:

  • Candy Watermelon
  • Red Riot
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Yogurtize Me
  • Peachy Rings
  • Red Cow
  • Blue Banana
  • Rich Tobacco

Vapors Anonymous:

  • Vapeaholic
  • Relapse
  • Higher Power
  • Mystic Diamond

Product Specs

  • Price: $3.00 for 15 ml, $15.00 for 120 ml
  • Nicotine levels: 0, 3, 6, 12
  • 70 VG / 30 PG



It smells sweet and like some sort of strawberries. Not like natural strawberries though. It reminds me of strawberry Nesquick.


The taste is great, but it doesn’t taste like natural strawberries like Vape Craft claims. I think it tastes just like it smells, like strawberry Nesquick. I actually really like this flavor.

There is a fairly harsh throat hit on this e-juice, even at only 6mg nicotine. It’s not unbearable, but it’s noticeable.

What Other People Are Saying

The first review I looked at said that the aroma is strong and artificial-like, but the smell does not do it justice. He says that it tastes like a pronounced strawberry custard.

Another reviewer said that it tastes like a warm delicious custard with a sweet strawberry that isn’t tart.

The final review that I found also claimed that it tastes like natural strawberries and that the flavor was spot on.

Would I Buy It Again?

If this didn’t have acetoin or acetyl propionyl in it, yes I would definitely buy it again. I normally vape at 6mg nicotine, but I’d probably go with 3mg nicotine to reduce the throat hit. I really liked the flavor.

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