PBLS Donuts from MarinaVape.com

I met the guys at MarinaVape.com at The Big Industry Show back in April and they hooked me up with a few of their different flavors. This one is PBLS Donuts. They describe this as a classic glazed donut with Fruity Pebble sprinkles on top.

It has a very nice glass bottle and label. The one I’m testing is 3mg nicotine, in max VG.

It smells super sweet. I’m not sure I get a glazed donut or Fruity Pebbles out of the smell, just a lot of sweetness, but I suppose there is a tiny bit of a bakery smell in there.

For this review i’m using iStick 100watt TC with the Mutation XV3 on top. The build is 0.49 ohms and I vaped this at 65 watts.

On the first hit you really get the Fruity Pebbles taste. I get a very slight bakery hint, but I don’t really taste glazed donut. I do tastes Fruity Pebbles for sure.

This flavor is really good actually. It also has really thick vapor. At 3mg of nicotine there’s no throat hit it at all. It’s super smooth.

I wish it tasted more like doughnut, but damn, it’s good.

It doesn’t have a strong Fruity Pebbles taste, but just a slight hint of it. It’s really good. I like this one. It’s really sweet though so if you don’t like really sweet e-juices you might not like it.

MarinaVape.com doesn’t sell directly from their website, so you need to find a distributor who sells it. I saw this on GiantVapes.com for $13 for 30ml bottle, so it’s pretty reasonably priced. You can also get the 120 ML for $42. It comes in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6.

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