Mardi Gras From Avail Vapors – Mixed Berry Medley E-juice

One of my YouTube subscribers, Vappy Dan, mentioned that Avail Vapor was looking for reviewers and he pointed me to their Facebook page. I reached out to them expressing interest so they sent me one of the flavors called Mardi Gras, which is a mixed berry flavored e-juice. They also sent me a few other neat accessories, so that was nice of them.

First of all, they have a great presentation. The bottle is nice and they have a high quality, excellent looking label. It’s not all about looks though, the bottle also has some useful information such as a batch number, a “best used by” date, and a QR code. I haven’t tried the QR code, but Avail Vapor says that if you scan it, it will show you the ingredients and batch test results.

The bottle I requested is 6mg nicotine. Something else worth noting is that their nicotine is made in the USA.

Mardi Gras is described as a mixed berry medley. It smells very good. It’s very fruity and definitely like mixed berries.

For my review I used the Indestructible RDA built at 0.77 ohms on the iStick 100w TC at 60 watts.

The taste of the berries is very light, but it’s good. It’s more of a natural berry flavor mix and not an a really over-sweetened e-juice like many other e-liquids on the market. Avail Vapors does not use sweeteners, so that’s definitely why the flavor isn’t too sweet.

The biggest drawback for me, is that there’s quite a bit of throat hit at 6mg nicotine. That might also be caused by the fruit flavors though, and not the nicotine, because some fruit flavors add throat hit too. If I were to order from them again, I’d probably order a non-fruity flavor at 6mg nicotine, and if it was still harsh, I’d drop down to 3mg nicotine.

What I really like about Avail Vapors is that they don’t use any sweeteners, which I know a lot of people prefer, although I actually like very sweet e-juices. That throat hit though! It’s kind of strong. For me personally, I think Mardi Gras is okay, but the light flavor and strong throat hit isn’t really for me.

You can pick up Mardi Gras from Avail Vapor in a 15 ML bottle for $12 or 30 MLs for $22. It comes in nicotine strength of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18.

You can also check out the Avail Vapor Facebook page where they do giveaways.

All of Avail e-liquids contain only four ingredients; vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring (which are non-gmo, and contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or dyes), and nicotine (which is optional).

All of their raw materials are tested before mixing and every batch of e-liquid is tested in their in-house analytical lab. Their e-liquids are mixed in a certified class 6 clean room and handcrafted in Virginia using 100% USA ingredients.

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