Preview of the Aspire Nautilus 2

This week I want to talk about the newly announced Aspire Nautilus 2. I don’t own one and I haven’t tried one, so these are just my thoughts about the Nautilus 2 after doing some research on it.

You might already know that the original Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini are considered one of the best and most popular mouth-to-lung tanks ever. The Nautilus performed great, looked great, and was affordable. It’s still recommended by many people as the perfect tank for new vapers to start with.

It’s actually the first tank that I purchased when I started vaping again in 2015. I bought it because so many people were telling me how great of a tank it was. I ended up giving it to my brother for his first setup, but I missed it so much that I went out and bought another one. In my opinion, it’s that good.

Then Aspire released the Nautilus X, which was supposed to be the successor to the original Nautilus. I’ve never owned one, but most people agreed that it didn’t compare. Some people liked it and some people hated it, but it didn’t do nearly as well the original model.

And now Aspire has released the Nautilus 2, which looks to be the true successor to the original Nautilus.

This tank has had a serious update as far as looks go. It looks really sleek in my opinion.

What’s also really interesting is that Aspire has made this tank work with the original 1.8 ohm Nautilus coils, which means you can use these coils in both tanks. They’ve also released 0.7 subohm coils, which would also work in the original Nautilus.

I’m a bit concerned that they released sub-ohm coils for this. Sub-ohm coils usually require higher wattage and a lot more airflow. When manufactures try to make tanks suitable for both mouth-to-lung vaping and straight-to-lung vaping, the mouth-to-lung experience usually fails entirely. But from what I’ve read, these sub-ohm coils perform best around 20 watts, which still sounds like a good range for mouth-to-lung vaping.

It comes in four colors; stainless steel, black, red, and grey. It has a bottom airflow control ring and has a short chimney designed for better flavor.

This is also a top fill tank, which requires that you unscrew the outer casing to expose the glass tank. I really like that outer shell too. It seems like that it would help protect the glass if you accidentally dropped the tank.

I think this looks really cool. I want one. At the very least, I want to grab one of those 0.7 ohm coils and try it out in my original Nautilus Mini.

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