Review of the Freeton DV1 Disposable

The DV1 Disposable was sent to me for review from Freeton (learn more here). This is a strange and uniquely-shaped disposable vape, but the vape is good!


  • 4ml of liquid
  • Up to 1200 puffs
  • Leakproof
  • Flavors: Banana Ice, Orange Ice, Strawberry Ice, Lush Ice, and Candy
  • Price: Unknown

In the Box

  • A single DV1 device

A Unique Design

I went into this review not knowing anything about the DV1. And when I first opened the package, I was confused about what this was. At first, I thought it was two parts that would screw together to extend the device. But then I realized it was one piece. So as you can see, this is designed to look like a pipe!

Freeton says it has a tobacco pipe design, but I’ve never seen a tobacco pipe that looks like this. Personally, I don’t care for the way it looks, but I do like that Freeton did something completely different here.


This is a draw-activated device, so take a hit, and it turns on. That’s all there is to it. There’s a red LED light shaped like flames on top of the bowl section, so when you take a hit, that LED lights up.

Freeton DV1 Flavors

The DV1 comes in nicotine strengths of 20mg or 50mg, and it holds 4mls of liquid. That gives you up to 1200 puffs. And I think that’s one benefit of this big pipe end because it holds much more liquid in a smaller space than other pod devices of a similar size.

The DV1 comes in five different flavors

Banana Ice

This tastes like a sweet banana taffy candy with a hint of menthol.

Orange Ice

The orange here is very unique. I really like it. It’s more of a candy orange, though, not a natural orange.

Strawberry Ice

This is a very light strawberry candy flavor. The strawberry is very artificial. It’s good, though. There’s a lot of sweetener in this, and the menthol seems more potent in this flavor than in the others.

Lush Ice

I have no idea what this flavor is supposed to be but it seems like some sort of fruity super sweet flavor. I don’t know what it is, but it’s good.


I don’t really get a candy taste from this but it’s definitely sweet. I don’t know how else to explain this one


The airflow is perfect, in my opinion. It’s a nice restricted mouth-to-lung draw

Final Thoughts

This is a strange-looking device, that’s for sure, but if the style doesn’t bother you, this is actually a great pod device. It holds a decent amount of liquid, the flavors are all delicious and strong, and the airflow is perfect for a tight-draw vape. This is for those of you who like really sweet vapes because they’re all super-sweet.

I don’t see any prices for these online so you might have to look around. The DV2 was sent to me for review, and you can learn more about them from

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