E-Juice Review: Fruit Finale by Fresh Pressed Salts

Fruit Finale was sent to me for the purpose of review from CloudCounterVapor.com (get it here), which is both an online vape store and an Austin, TX brick and mortar shop with a big selection of new products.

So Fresh Pressed Salts comes from a company named California Grown E-liquids. ‘Fresh Pressed’ is their first line of what they are calling handcrafted e-juices. I’m not sure exactly what hand-crafted means, because isn’t all of it at first?

Anyway, this is actually my first nicotine salt-based e-juice, so I was really excited to get it. I’ve had nic-salt e-juice in pod systems like the Juul but not lower nicotine salt-nic e-juice designed for higher wattage vaping. Cloud Counter Vapor sent me a 6mg bottle, which is perfect because I can compare it to what I normally vape.

This is described as a blend of apples, pears, and Amazon forest fruits.

I tested this using the Smok Procolor at 96 watts with the Goon 1.5 on top built at 0.23 ohms.

Smell and Taste

It smells like a very sweet candy, like a green apple Jolly Rancher, but with a slight hint of other fruits.

First, let’s talk about the nicotine salt. Usually, with 6mg, I get just a slight throat hit. With this e-juice, there’s no throat hit at all. It’s like vaping 0mg e-juice. It’s pretty crazy. I actually like having a bit of throat hit though, so I’d be interested in trying to find what nicotine strength in salt nic would be comparable to 6mg in regular.

Ok, so the flavor. The flavor is really good. The apple flavor is pretty light but I can taste it here. It really just melds really well with all of the other flavors. It’s really just a juicy fruit medley with hints of apple, pear, and other fruits. They say it has Amazon forest fruits, which could be a bunch of different fruits I can’t pronounce. I can’t say that I tasted anything else in particular, but this does taste like it has other unique exotic fruits in it. I really like it.

So that’s about it. You can get it from CloudCounterVapor.com in 60ml bottles for $19.99, which is the same price the manufacturer sells it for, except that Cloud Counter has free shipping on all orders in the U.S. so that’s a pretty good deal. It comes in nic strengths of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18.

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