Review of the Fumot Digital Box 12000

The Digital Box 12000 was sent to me for review from Fumot. The Fumot Digital Box 12000 is a disposable vape pre-filled with a massive 20ml of e-liquid, boasting up to 12,000 puffs. It features a built-in 5550mAh rechargeable battery and a convenient Type-C charging port. The device is available in various nicotine content options, including 0%, 2%, 3%, and 5%, and it comes in 40 flavors.


The device has a sleek, modern design with a solid-colored, shiny case, and a chrome-colored base. Each flavor features a different human-like monkey wearing something like a hoody, hat, headphones, or some other object.

The back of the device is fairly plain, but it does show the name of the flavor, which is nice.

The device is equipped with an LED screen indicator that displays battery life and e-liquid level.

The mouthpiece is slim, tapered, and oval-shaped, which is comfortable to use.

The device is 1 ¾” wide, 3 ½” tall, and about 1” thick

LED Screen

The vibrant LED display is a highlight, offering real-time information at a glance, showing your battery charge and e-liquid level. It’s a practical feature that adds to the device’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring you’re always informed about your vape’s status. I like being able to see when my device needs a charge or if I should bring a spare with me if the e-liquid is almost gone.

Performance and Airflow

Performance-wise, the Fumot Digital Box 12000 works great. The low-resistance 0.8Ω mesh coil maximizes the heating surface area, resulting in perfect, smooth draws and rich flavor.

The airflow is not adjustable. It’s a fairly restricted mouth-to-lung draw, which I really like in these.

Flavor Tests

There are at least 40 flavors in this line, and Fumot sent me three.

Lush Ice

A refreshing blend of watermelon and menthol, offering a crisp and refreshing experience. The watermelon is light but still detectable and tasty. It’s more of a natural watermelon versus a candy flavor, but not what I would describe as a real watermelon. The menthol isn’t overly strong, which I also really like about it.

Cool Mint

Delivers a smooth, minty freshness that’s both sweet and satisfying. It’s a good mint flavor. The mint is strong, which is what I think anyone picking this up would want. I feel this one in my throat after a couple of hits.

Blueberry Raspberry

A great mix of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries, creating a balanced and flavorful berry vape. I don’t believe this has any menthol in it, or if there is, it’s so light that I can’t taste it, so this is just a straight-up berry combination flavor.


The Fumot website says there are “up to 80 options available” which I assume means flavors, but I only see that there are 40 different flavors, so maybe more are on the way or stores can request others. I’m not really sure. But 40 flavors is still a ton to pick from.

Apple Berry BlastApple CinnamonBerry Lemonade
Bingo CrushBlack IceBlue Razz Lemonade
Blueberry BubblegumBlueberry Cherry CranberryBlueberry Kiwi
Blueberry on IceBlueberry RaspberryBluesour Raspberry
CherryCherry BerryCherry Cola
Cool MintDr BlueGrape Ice
Ice PopKiwi Passion Fruit GuavaLemon & Lime
Lush IceMango On IceMixed Berries
Peach IcePeach MangoPink Lemonade
Raspberry WatermelonRed Apple IceStrawberry Banana
Strawberry DonutStrawberry GrapeStrawberry Ice
Strawberry KiwiStrawberry Pomp (Pomegranate)Strawberry Red Bull
Strawberry WatermelonVimtoWatermelon Bubble Gum
Watermelon Ice


The Digital Box has a 550mAh battery. It’s an average battery that should last a day or two of regular vaping. It’s rechargeable, ensuring that you get every last drop of e-liquid. The Type-C port adds to the convenience, allowing for quick and easy charging.

Specs and Features

  • 12000 puffs
  • 20ml of E-liquid
  • LCD Display w/ battery and e-liquid levels
  • 16 flavors
  • 0, 2, 3, and 5% nicotine
  • 0.8 Ohm mesh coil
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • 550mAh battery
  • $24.99 from Fumot

Final Thoughts

The Fumot Digital Box 12000 is a great disposable. It looks nice and feels comfortable to hold. It performs well, and it comes in a ton of different flavors.

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