Review of Granddaddy Purp from Serene Tree

This 510 cartridge of Delta-10 Granddaddy Purp was sent to me for review from SereneTree. Get it here and use coupon code VP20 for 20% off your order.


  • $34.95 (save 20% with code VP20)
  • 1 gram / 1000mg Delta-10 THC
  • Indica
  • Grown and processed in California
  • 87% Delta-10 TCH purity
  • 0.0% Delta-9 THC

The Granddaddy Purple Strain

Strain Info
“Grand Daddy Purple” is a popular strain of indica created by three other strains; Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghan. Mendo Purps and Skunk are both hybrids of indica and sativa, while Afghan is an indica. So even though Granddady Purp is classed as an indica, it’s not a pure indica and is considered one only because of its sleepiness and relaxation effects.

Granddaddy Purp Flavor

Granddaddy Purp is known to have a grape, berry, and violet flavor. That’s a great way to describe this. I wasn’t aware of the flavor profile before trying this, and what I found was that it was very flowery at first, with a bit of some strange sweetness to it. I was actually very surprised by the flowery flavor because it’s so prominent. This flavor is unique and very good.

My Experience

Delta-10 is a form of THC derived from hemp and chemically processed to be made, just like Delta 8. It’s the least potent of the Delta 8, 9, and 10 variations. And that’s what I like about it because I can control how much of the psychoactive effects I get, and as slowly as I want.

Delta 10 is also known for being energizing and uplifting. That’s where it conflicts with the indica strain, which is known for making people sleepy.

The effects someone gets depend on the person and how much they use, but in my experience, I feel relaxed, like with CBD, and slightly energized. I’m not talking energy like an energy drink, but I feel awake, creative, and productive. One night, I stayed up until 1:30 am recording videos and writing articles.

Final Thoughts

I liked this one a lot. I like the effects of this strain and form of THC, and I really enjoy the flavor of it. I’m also a big fan of getting extracts like this in 510 cartridges. It’s just super easy to use.

If you’re a heavy THC user, just keep in mind that Delta-10 is far less potent than traditional weed, in which case you might want to get this one in Delta-8 form (stronger) or Delta-9 form (strongest). SereneTree also has this strain in lots of other forms.

This Granddaddy Purp Delta-10 510 cartridge was sent to me for review from SereneTree. You can pick up a 1mg / 1000mg THC cartridge from them for $27.96 with coupon code VP20

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