Review of Strawberry Gummy from Glas Vapor Basix Series

The Basix Series Strawberry Gummy e-liquid was sent to me for review directly from Glas Vapor.

Glas describes this as strawberry sour belts with a hint of gummy bear.

  • $16.95
  • 60ml
  • Nic: 0, 3, 6

Smell and Taste

This just smells like strawberry candy. Not like a hard candy, but like a syrupy candy of some kind.

This one has a bit of throat hit for me. Not bad, but more than the others in the Basix line.

The flavor is a good candy-ish strawberry flavor, but I don’t know what kind of candy. It tastes like candy, but not like a hard candy or even like gummy candy like the name suggests.

When I vape this, it makes me think of a syrup you’d pour on snow cone or Slushee. And I actually compared it to a few different types of strawberry flavors to try to figure it out; I tried Haribo gummy bears, jelly beans, and strawberry Nesquick syrup. It definitely tastes closest to the syrup. Real close. It’s not like syrup in milk or anything like that, just the syrup by itself.

It’s sweet, but not overly sweet, and I don’t get any of the sourness that the description says, but it’s a good e-juice.

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