E-Juice Review: Neon Cream from Cosmic Fog

I actually won this in a giveaway from EVCigarettes.com, so I want to thank them for putting on the giveaway.

This is made by Cosmic Fog and comes from their Lost Fog collection. I don’t know why they’ve named this line The Lost Fog Collection because I can’t find any information about it on their website.

It comes in a nice solid black bottle with an orange and black metallic-like label. It’s a really nice looking bottle.

They describe it as a rainbow sherbet flavor with a mix of orange, raspberry, and lemon-lime with subtle cream and chilled. Sounds pretty good.

For this review, I’m using the Icon RDA built at 0.31 ohms on top of the Smok Alien at 80 watts.


It can definitely smell the orange flavor, but the raspberry isn’t really coming out. It has a bit of citrusy smell too, so that’s probably the lemon-lime flavor. It also smells very sweet.


The flavor is very mild. It’s nowhere as sweet as it smells. I get just a slight hint of orange and lemon-lime. It reminds me more of cereal than sherbet. I don’t get a lot of cream, maybe just a little hint of it. I can’t really taste the raspberry, but it’s probably in there adding to the overall flavor profile. It’s pretty good though.

I’ve reviewed several of Cosmic Fog’s e-juices in the past and they never seem to match up to the flavor profile for me. I’ve liked all of their e-juices though, it’s just that they don’t taste close enough to how they’re described.

So yeah, it doesn’t taste like rainbow sherbet to me, but I do think it’s a good e-juice and I see no reason why I wouldn’t vape this bottle all the way through.

Since I won this from EVCigarettes.com, I’m going to give them a shoutout for sending it to me. You can get it from them for $12.99 for a 30ml bottle or $19.99 for a 60ml bottle. It’s a max VG e-juice and comes in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18.

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