Review of the Philter Pocket Personal Air Filter

The Philter Pocket was sent to me for review from Philter. This is an extremely portable, personal air filter, used to filter smoke and vapor and also designed with the environment in mind.

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The Pocket comes with two pieces; a biodegradable filter and a reusable silicone sleeve.

The filter inside of the Philter Pocket is contained within a case, which looks and feels like a light plastic, but is actually made of a plant-based polymer. It’ll decompose in only three years, which makes these things awesome. The casing comes in three colors; sky blue, grey, and black. The sky blue and grey models have dark specs in the color to give it a more interesting design, and the black is all black.

The filter then fits into a soft reusable medical-grade silicone sleeve. The silicone sleeve is white on both the blue and grey models, which I think compliments both colors really well. The silicone cover is black on the black model. In all cases, the sleeve and the filter pieces look perfect for each other, like they’re one single piece.

That soft silicone sleeve has a long oval cut-out in it that lets you see the Philter Pocket. That sleeve doesn’t just add to the design and comfort aspect, although that’s a pretty big part of it. But it also gives you a nice comfortable mouthpiece to use.

The sleeve might even add a bit of protection from accidental drops, although this thing is so light and made of thick enough plastic that it would probably just bounce around and be completely fine if you dropped it.

The packaging that the Philter Pocket comes in is also 100% compostable, so you can compost it if you’d like or simply throw it in the trash and know that it’ll turn into soil after a short time.

Size Matters

The Philter Pocket is super small. It’s only about 3.5 inches long and a little over half an inch wide and thick. The size makes it very pocketable. It takes up hardly any room in your pocket. And it’s extremely light, so that’s great too. If you’re looking for a portable filter to carry around, this is it.


The Philter Pocket works great. The restriction is tight, but not extremely tight. It seems comparable to other personal vape filters I’ve tried, so I’d say it’s quite good. Since Philter also sent me their bigger filter, the Phrend (see my review of the Phrend here, I am able to compare the two, and the restriction is the same, but the Pocket has a little more turbulence, while the Phrend is super smooth.

The Pocket does an excellent job of filtering. I pushed some really big hits through it, and I couldn’t see any vape come through it and no smell at all. I don’t smoke, so I wasn’t able to test smoke through it, but it probably works just as well for that too.

It lasts up to 150 exhales but that depends on how you use it and what particulates you push through it. When it starts getting harder to exhale through, you’ll know it’s time to replace the filter.

The Filtering Technology in the Philter Pocket

The Pocket uses a 5-stage filtering process. The vapor or smoke goes through a pre-treatment stage first, a kinetic energy multiplier, then through a phase transition chamber, then particulate treatment, and finally, an odor reduction phase. They say it’s been lab-tested and confirmed to remove up to 97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns.

Filter Refills

Refills come in packs of three for $36.99 and come in three different color sets.

  • 3 filters, all black
  • 1 each of purple, red, and pink
  • 1 each of blue, white, and green

The only color I don’t see in the refills is the grey color. I don’t know if they’ll be adding that later.


  • Good for up to 150 exhales
  • Color: Deep Sky Blue, Grey, and Black
  • Size: 3.6 in long x 0.75 inches wide x 0.6 inches thick
  • $19.99 each or $16.99 each with a 2,4, or 8-week subscription

Final Thoughts

The Philter Pocket is awesome. I love how small it is, how well it works, and that it’s environmentally friendly. It looks great too. And for a filter this small, I’m impressed that it can handle 150 exhales. I think that’s pretty good. This is a great personal filter for vape or smoke and it’s affordable. I definitely recommend it.

The Philter Pocket was sent to me for review. Get it here.

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