E-Juice Review – Tortoise On The Rocks by Shijin Vapor

Tortoise on the Rocks was sent to me for review by Shijin Vapor.

This is described as a blue raspberry and green apple blended with spearmint gum.

  • Available in 60ml ($23.99) & 120ml ($44.99)
  • 85% VG | 15% PG
  • Nic: 0, 3, and 6

Smell and Taste

This smells very interesting. It smells a lot like the original tortoise blood e-juice; blue raspberry and apple, but this has a slightly minty smell.

I’m vaping this on the Smok Alien at 90 watts with the CSMT RDA on top built at 0.29 ohms.

The original Tortoise Blood is a blue raspberry and green apple flavor and both of those flavors were easily noticeable. In this one, the blue raspberry is barely noticeable at all. It really tastes more like green apple and spearmint. They really got that spearmint gum down though. I can taste that one easily.

This is an interesting flavor to me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a spearmint gum flavor before. I like this one but would have liked the blue raspberry to be much more prominent.

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