Review of Wotofo Wafer 5000 Disposables

The Wotofo Wafer 5000s were sent to me for review from Wotofo. This is a series of compact disposable vapes sent to me for review by Wotofo. These small devices offer adjustable airflow, 5000 puffs, and a range of delicious flavors. Let’s explore their design, flavors, and overall performance.

Design and Features

The Wotofo Wafer 5000s are small disposables, reminiscent in size and shape of the popular Elf Bar disposables. Measuring at 82mm by 45.2mm by 24.6mm, these devices are small and portable; perfect for on-the-go use. They also feature adjustable airflow, allowing users to customize their vaping experience. They come with mesh coils, 1100mAh internal batteries, and 1.1 Ohm coils. They also come with a generous 12ml of e-liquid and Wotofo offers either 50mg or 20mg Nic salt versions. The expiration date on the packaging indicates a shelf life of about a year.

The Wotofo Wafer 5000s come in a variety of flavors. Some of the options include cherry dragonfruit, strawberry lush, cherry watermelon, cantaloupe honeydew, mango pear, lemon cola, mango pineapple juice, blueberry sour raspberry, grape ice, and strawberry ice cream. There’s a nice range of fruit-infused profiles with a mix of mild and well-balanced flavors.

Review and Experience

After unboxing the Wotofo Wafer 5000s, I found them neatly sealed and protected. The devices feature a transparent plastic case that houses the batteries, liquid, and coils. You’ll also find the adjustable airflow on the bottom and at the top is a comfortable duckbill mouthpiece.

My Thoughts on Each Flavor

Wotofo sent me all of their flavors, so let’s go over each one.

The lemon cola flavor provided a unique and refreshing experience, combining a cola taste with a hint of lemon.

The mango pineapple juice flavor has a lighter profile, with a slight mango undertone.

The cherry watermelon flavor exhibited a typical cherry taste, reminiscent of cherry candies, while the watermelon came through subtly.

The mango pear flavor had a stronger presence of mango, accompanied by a hint of pear.

Finally, the strawberry ice cream flavor offered a light, creamy strawberry taste, akin to a strawberry milk with a hint of ice cream.

I really enjoyed all of them.

Performance and Conclusion

The Wotofo Wafer 5000s performed extremely well, with a satisfying draw and great vapor production. The adjustable airflow allowed for a customizable mouth-to-lung hit, catering to users who prefer a tighter draw. The devices are also convenient and portable due to their compact size.

While the Wotofo Wafer 5000s are not rechargeable, they offer enough battery life and e-liquid capacity to last until the e-juice is emptied. The only minor concern I had was that it can be easy to accidentally cover the airflow holes while holding the device. But that only happened to me once or twice while using them, and it’s not a significant problem.

The Wotofo Wafer 5000s are impressive disposable vape devices that deliver on flavor and performance. With their compact design, adjustable airflow, and a variety of enjoyable flavors, these disposables were a pleasure to use. If you are looking for a portable and hassle-free vaping option, the Wotofo Wafer 5000s are definitely worth trying.

The Wotofo Wafer 5000s were sent to me by Wotofo for review purposes. Learn more about them here.

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