Hardware Review: Smok Big Baby Beast Tank

First, I want to thank SmokStore.us for sending this over to me for the purpose of review. If you want to pick one up from them, they sell the Big Baby Beast for $24.99.

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and I want to give you my thoughts, so first let’s start with the specs.


  • Black or Silver
  • 304 stainless steel + pyrex glass
  • Capacity: 5.0ml
  • Size: 56mm x 24.5mm
  • 0.15-0.6ohm
  • Cores Available: Six different coils
    • v8 baby-q2 core:0.4ohm core,can work between 40-80w/best:55-65w
    • v8 baby-t8 core:0.15ohm octuple core,can work between 50-110w/best:60-80w
    • v8 baby-x4 core:0.15ohm quadruple core,can work between 30-70w/best:45-60w
    • v8 baby-T6 core:0.2ohm sextuple core,can work between 40-130w/best:70-90w
    • v8 baby-q2 core:0.6ohm dual coil,can work between 20-50w/best:30-40w


The kit comes with two coils:

  • V8 Baby-X4 Core (0.15 ohm quadruple coils)
  • V8 Baby-T6 Core (0.2 ohm sextuple coils)

The X4 Core with quadruple coils has 4 coils, two coils stacked on top of two in parallel. This coil is rated at 30-70 watts, but is recommended to be used between 45-60 watts. I’ve found that those recommendations are perfect. I get great flavor all the way up to 60 watts and it’s practically the same at 70. I didn’t push it any further out of fear of burning the cotton.

The T6 Core with sextuple coils has 6 coils, three coils stacked on top of three in parallel. This coil is rated at 40-130 watts, but is recommended to be used between 70-90 watts. I’ve pushed this one to it’s max and it definitely can’t handle 130 watts. You can get one hit at 130 watts, but if you take another hit quickly after the first, you’ll taste a dry hit. I was using 70vg/30pg e-juice, which is usually pretty good at wicking, so maybe a 50/50 ratio would wick better at 130 watts, but I don’t like 50/50 e-juice. As for flavor, it’s still quite good, but I think the flavor is much better in the quad coils at 60 watts.

I can’t speak to any of the other coils that are available for this tank since I haven’t used them, but the quad coil is my favorite. It has great flavor and awesome vapor production. You’ll get more vapor production from the sextuple coil, but I’ve found that it has less flavor then the quad coil.

All coils designed for this tank are also compatible with the Baby Beast tank as well, so you can use them in both tanks if you have both of them.

RBA Base

The RBA base is taller than the coils, which is why it comes with an extra, larger, glass tank. Unfortunately, I was not able to test the RBA base because I seemed to have received a defective part.

There were two major issues that made the RBA base unusable for me; it would constantly short and it would not seal in the tank correctly.

First let’s talk about the short. I don’t know exactly where the short is happening, but it seems to be in the post screws somewhere. I’ve tried adjusting the screws in every way I could and I would just randomly get shorts. I tried installing single coils in all of the slots and I would still get shorts.

As for the improper seal, this is another one I couldn’t figure out. Everything appears to be seated into the tank correctly, but as soon as I put e-juice in, it just pours out of the airflow holes. I’ve cranked down the coil as far as it will let me so I know it’s all the way in, but it still leaks. I think it just so happened that I got an RBA base with a manufacturing defect.


The Big Baby Beast is really easy to fill. All you do is push down on the top and slide the top of the tank over to the side. There’s an arrow on the top that shows you the direction you need to slide it. After it’s opened, you can easily fill it up.

My only complaint is that the fill slot is a little small. I can fit a regular e-juice dripper into the hole to fill it up, but I have to take it a little slow or it will or it will clog and spill over.


The airflow control moves smoothly. There are two airflow slots, one on each side of the base of the tank. With the airflow control wide open, it has a nice amount of airflow. It’s not as open as you would find on some RDA’s, but it’s still nice and airy.

When the airflow is almost completely closed, the draw is very restricted. With the airflow all the way closed you can get a short MTL hit, but I don’t think it would be very satisfying for MTL vapers.

One issue that I noticed with mine is that with the airflow set at about 1/3 of the way open, it whistles.

Drip Tip

The size of the drip is very wide, which I like a lot. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not really snug in the tank. It doesn’t just fall out or anything like that, but it has popped out on me a few times while I was opening up the tank to fill it up.

They’ve also included a drip tip adapter so that you can use your own drip tips. The adapter seems a little more snug than the included drip tip, so you have that option too if you don’t like the included tip.

I really like the included drip tip, so I’ve been sticking with it.


For the RBA deck you get a hex screwdriver, four extra grub screws, and a pyrex glass tank. Other accessories included are a drip tip adapter if you want to use your own drip tips, a replacement e-juice filling cap, and an extra o-ring for all o-rings on the tank.

Does it Leak?

Leaking seems to be a pretty common issue with tanks. It’s more of an issue with custom builds, which is usually caused by improper wicking, but I’ve also seen it happen in tanks with pre-built coil heads. With the Big Baby Beast, I haven’t had any leaking issues at all, even with leaving it sit on its side all night. This is a huge plus for me.

Final Thoughts

This is a great kit. You get both clouds and flavor with this tank, the performance is amazing, and it’s affordable at only $24.99. For only $25, I think it’s an awesome deal.

The biggest problem for me is that that RBA deck was defective, but I don’t see anyone mentioning this problem online so I don’t think it’s a common problem that you need to worry about.

So big thanks to SmokStore.us for sending this to me for review. You can pick up the Big Baby Beast from their website for $24.99.

7 thoughts on “Hardware Review: Smok Big Baby Beast Tank”

  1. I love the Big Baby Beast and Baby Beast tanks. I do have a problem with the Big one leaking out of the airholes, at times, with the stock coils. I prefer the Q2 ones with a 50/50 ejuice. I’m trying to lower my VG, though, as I found out that I am sensitive to it. Odd, I know, but higher VG ejuices affect my sinuses even worse than 50/50.

  2. That’s interesting! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a sensitivity to VG before. By lowering the VG and increasing PG, have you found a noticeable difference in throat hit or having to reduce nicotine to get less throat hit?

    • Not yet. I went back down to 50/50, last ejuice order, but will be trying a lower ratio next time I order my all day vapes. I’m not sure how low I will go, though. I was thinking 30vg/70pg. I have heard it’s possible, but rare, to have a VG sensitivity. It was like 1 in 100, 000 for VG sensitivity, compared to 1 in 1000 for PG sensitivity. I have seen at least two vapers on ECF post about it.

  3. I bought a new big baby, also including rba coil as well. I did everything but no chance to use rba coil. It is defective i am sure at the moment.

    • That really sucks. I couldn’t find many people complaining about this before I published this review, but after doing this review, a lot of people have actually mentioned to me that their RBA section doesn’t work either. I’m really disappointed in Smok for putting out such a poor quality part.

    • I thought the flavor was pretty good. Do you have any tanks that you’d recommend that performs similarly and that has better flavor?


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