A New Specialty Mouth To Lung Online Store For Beginner Vapers

There’s a new specialty “Mouth-To-Lung” online vape store from veterans in the vape community, Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis, and Schell Hammel.

You’ll find the site at MTLVapors.com

This is an online vape store that specializes in helping to introduce smokers to vaping, since most smokers prefer mouth-to-lung vaping because it mostly mimics the feel of smoking cigarettes.

All of the hardware and liquids on the site are designed specifically for restricted airflow vaping and are most likely to appeal to smokers transitioning to vaping.

For example, they sell e-juices from Mountain Oak Vapors, The Vapor Bar, and B. E-Liquids. Most of the flavors consist of various tobacco blends, coffee flavors, and menthols.

Phil’s line, B. E-liquids has a little more variety in flavors, such as his coconut vanilla yogurt or peach watermelon flavors, but something to note about his line is that they are made with 60pg/40vg, while most e-juices today are made with 70vg/30pg. It’s a small difference, but Phil’s ratio gives the e-juice a little more throat hit and also better wicking ability for mouth-to-lung tanks.

The hardware they sell are all great setups for beginners too. You’ll find a lot of all-in-one setups, pod-based setups, high-quality vape pens like the Innokin Endura T18, and a few more powerful devices (but still beginner-friendly) like the Coolfire IV Plus.

They’ve created a few bundles too so that it’s easy to jump right in and get everything you need at once.

They’ve made the site very easy to understand and have removed a lot of the more advanced and confusing aspects of vaping, however, there are a couple of informational pages to get new users familiar with some of the terminology, how vape technology works, the ingredients that are used, and safety concerns.

I wish a site like this existed when I first started. This is a great idea and I’ll definitely mention it to any smoker I meet.

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