Splif-e Dual Pod Vape Review

The Splif-e was sent to me for review from Splif-e.com. This isn’t your typical pod vape. This device is designed to vape two flavors at the same time. And that’s where it gets its name. Some people call a joint that has a mix of weed and tobacco, a spliff. And the Splif-e is the electronic version of that same concept.


  • $69.99
  • $20.00 for replacement pods

In the Box

  • Splif-e Battery
  • USB-C Cable
  • 2 Pods
  • Mouth Piece


The shape of the pod is typical of a lot of pod devices out today and I think that’s a good thing. It’s slender and comfortable to carry.

On the front of the device is the power button, which also functions as a pod switch, battery indicator, and firing button. At the bottom of the device is a USB charging connector and at the top is the mouthpiece.

On each side are also e-liquid windows so that you can see exactly how much liquid is in each chamber.

It’s about 4.25 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1/2 inch thick.

It’s a small and great looking device.

Dual Chamber Pods

The main feature of the Splif-e is the dual-chamber pod. There are many combinations you can vape here. For example, you can vape a distillate on one side of the pod and CBD or nicotine liquid on the other. Or you can vape an herb oil on one side and flavored terpene mix in the other. Or you can vape two different flavors of nicotine e-liquid too. Really any combination you want works here. It’s a really cool idea.

And you can also choose to vape only one pod if you want. The switch on the front of the device lets you choose which pod you want to use or lets you turn on both.

The chambers are actually separated from each other and are connected with the mouthpiece. Each pod holds about 1ml of liquid. There’s a fill line on each chamber to tell you how far to fill it up which is about half of the pod.

It’s important not to fill these up to the top or they will leak and they won’t draw liquid up from the holding chambers. The pods hold 1ml each because most distillate syringes are sold in either 500 or 1000ml sizes and they wanted users to be able to put a whole syringe into a pod.

The two pods are just slightly different from each other. One pod has a 0.9mm liquid intake within the pod, which is designed for thinner liquids, like your typical CBD, nic-free, or nicotine-based e-liquid. The other pod has a 1.5mm diameter intake, which is designed for thicker liquids, like a THC distillate. The 1.5mm pods are large and designed for distillate only. Regular e-liquids will leak and flood the chamber if you use them in this pod. The pods are colored to make it easy to know which pod is which. And even though the kit comes with only one e-liquid pod and one distillate pod, you can buy pods separately if you want to use two e-liquid pods or two distillate pods at one time.

Inside the pod is a ceramic heating element. They say it has a proprietary 4th generation ceramic heating technology which is supposed to give it instant heat and great flavor. I didn’t know anything about the different generations of ceramic so I asked the owner and got some great info.

So this is the latest generation of ceramic coil heating technology. In the past, ceramic coils had trace metallic elements, caused spit back, and were only capable of using certain e-liquids. 4th generation coils are now metallic free, have more porous ceramic for increased consistent draws and heating, have better flavor, have no spit back, and can handle a wider range of viscous liquids due to the pore size of the ceramic used. So some pretty significant improvements.

How’s the Flavor?

The improved ceramic coils they use are definitely noticed. This thing fires instantly and the flavor is awesome. Amazing flavor is absolutely critical in a device like this because you need to be able to clearly taste the liquids in both chambers of the pod.

I’ll be honest, I was expecting this thing to be gimmicky but on my first hit, I was completely blown away at how good it works. I’ve been using two regular e-liquid pods because that’s how I usually vape. The flavor that I’ve been getting out the salt nic liquids I have in here is the best I’ve had. And when you run both pods at the same time, you taste both flavors as if they’re the same liquid. It’s so crazy. This thing is amazing.


The battery inside the Splif-e is a 300mAh battery capable of quick charge and release to meet the high output demands to power each pod or both pods. And it charges using the protruding USB adaptor at the end of the device.

To charge it, pull the cap off the end and plug it into a USB port. This adaptor works with both USB-C and USB-A too, which is also really cool. If you charge with USB-C, you’ll get a faster charge.

Final Thoughts

The concept here is truly innovative and I honestly can’t believe that the vape industry hasn’t figured this out yet. The owner of the company told me that he believes this device will be the start of a new trend in the vape industry and I think he’s right. He nailed the idea here; two chambers for two different flavors that can be switched to run one or the other or both, and the pods are designed to handle different viscosities – it’s just a perfect design.

For distillate vapers, the Splif-e does exactly what it was designed for and it does it well. For those of you who don’t vape distillates, it also works great for using or mixing two flavors – but for that purpose, I would have liked two nicotine-specific chambers for the pod. So the only thing that I think would make this better for nicotine-only vapers would be to include a spare 0.9mm pod in the box. But you can always buy those separately too. One other thing I would like is to see packs of e-juice only pods, rather than spare pods that have one pod for e-juice and one pod for distillate.

Overall, this thing is absolutely awesome and innovative. I just love this idea so much.

There are plans for future models too. Splif-e would like to have an option to have screw-on pods which would create a better seal. They would also like to have adjustable temperatures. When these new models make it to the market, count me in!

This was sent to me for review from Splif-e.com and you can get the kit from them for $69.99.

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