Steepd Vape Co.’s Quick Shake E-Juice Review

This e-juice was sent to me for review from Steepd Vape Co..

The Details

This is a Max VG e-juice and the prices online range from around 8-15 British pounds for 40-50mls.

Description: A sweet custard cream biscuit with a creamy strawberry milkshake.

Ingredients: The flavor ingredients listed on the bottle are strawberry, cream, cookie, vanilla, and sweetener.

Smell: It smells like when you open a bag of Oreo cookies, followed up with that strawberry sweetness.

How It Tastes

Wow! This is a truly new and unique flavor for me.

The smell totally threw me off because it doesn’t taste like it smells. I have no idea how to describe this flavor. It’s definitely strawberry, but it has a sort of dry cookie, baked dessert, and vanilla taste too.

But listing off the flavors just doesn’t give this one justice.

Those flavors are in here, but it doesn’t describe how unique this is.

Man, this is good and I’ve never had anything like it. This is one of the best flavors I’ve vaped in a long time.

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