Steepd Vape Co.’s Walter White Xtra E-Juice Review

This e-juice was sent to me for review from Steepd Vape Co..

The Details

This is a Max VG e-juice and the prices online range from around 8-15 British pounds for 40-50mls.

Description: A mouth watering vape of blue raspberry bubblegum and aniseed its a kick of cold fresh breath.

Ingredients: The flavor ingredients listed on the bottle are grape, menthol, aniseed, strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant.

Smell: It smells delicious, like a very fruity raspberry mix.

How It Tastes

This has a very strong menthol flavor. It’s a little overwhelming. Right after the menthol I get the aniseed.

There’s just a slight hint of fruit in there. It’s a little hard to get, but it’s there. When I exhale from my nose I can taste the aniseed and blackcurrant much more.

After my senses tone down the menthol, maybe after about 5 hits, I can start to taste the fruitiness a lot better. It’s very unique with the aniseed flavor and I like it. This is definitely for fans of strong menthol flavors.

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