E-Juice Review: Vanval’s How Many Puffs – Raspberry Tootsie Pop

VanValVapor.com sent me “How Many Puffs” for the purpose of this review.

I reviewed this in 6mg nicotine. It comes in a 17.5ml bottle and is max VG.

VanVal’s description of “How Many Puffs” says:

“Reminiscent of your favorite sucker back as a child. A chocolaty center completely engulfed in a delightful raspberry candy. How Many Puffs will it take you to finish the bottle?”

They don’t come out and say it but this is supposed to taste like it a tootsie pop.

It smells just like a tootsie roll pop!

For this review I used the Kbox 200 with the Velocity RDA on top. It was just a simple dual coil build set at 0.14 ohms at 100 watts.

The taste is pretty good. It has a raspberry and chocolate flavor, although it doesn’t really remind me of a tootsie roll pop. It actually kind of reminds me of one of those Chocolove chocolate bars. Chocolove makes a dark chocolate bar that has raspberry chunks and they are delicious… needless to say, I really like this e-juice.

Both flavors are pretty mild – there’s just a hint of chocolate and the raspberry is very light, but I can definitely distinguish between both flavors.

I like and recommend this one.

VanVal’s e-liquids are really affordable. You can get 65ml bottles for $8.99, 125ml bottles for $15.99, 210ml bottles for $24.99, and sample packs of seven 15ml bottles for $15.99.

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