E-Juice Review: Vanval’s I’m Not Crazy – Strawberries, Maple, Cream

VanVal’s description for this e-juice says “strawberries and maple fuse together to perfection with a dollop of cream to bring balance to such an exquisite recipe.”

VanValVapor.com sent me “I’m Not Crazy” for the purpose of this review.

It’s a 17.5ml bottle, has 6mg nicotine, and is max VG.

It has a nice professional label. No inappropriate cartoons here, which is nice to see.

The e-juice I’m reviewing has 6mg nicotine and all of VanVal’s e-liquids are max VG.

The smell I get out of it is most definitely maple. It’s clear as day. I don’t get any strawberry notes out of the flavor though.

For the review I used the iStick 100w TC with the Freakshow Mini RDA on top. The RDA was built at 1.10 ohms and I fired it at 25 watts.

This e-liquid has a very rich maple flavor. The maple flavor is a little strange though. I can taste maple, but I can also taste a little of everyday pancake syrup. It’s not terrible, but I’d prefer the flavor to be just a straight up maple.

As for the strawberry flavor, it’s very light. I would have really liked for the strawberry flavor to come out more.

Final verdict: “I’m Not Crazy” is just okay.

VanVal’s e-liquids are really affordable. You can get 65ml bottles for $8.99, 125ml bottles for $15.99, 210ml bottles for $24.99, and sample packs of seven 15ml bottles for $15.99.

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