E-Juice Review: Vanval’s Mind’s Garden – Carbonated Fruit Soda

This e-juice is described as “a divine blend of luscious fruits each infused with a mouth-watering burst of carbonated soda to quench any thirst for a delectable all day vape.”

VanValVapor.com sent Mind’s Garden to me for the purpose of this review.

It’s a 17.5ml bottle, 6mg nicotine, and max VG. They have nice looking labels on their bottles.

It’s interesting that they use 17.5ml bottles, rather than the standard 15ml. It almost feels like getting 2.5mls for free 😉

The smell really surprised me. I could actually smell the carbonated fruit soda like their product description says. I don’t know if you’re able to imagine the smell of carbonated soda, but trust me, you’d get it if you smelled this e-juice.

For this review, I used the iStick 100 watt TC with the Veritas RDA on top.

On the first hit, I could tell immediately that this one is on point!

It takes exactly like their description – a mix of a fruit blend and carbonation.

Fruit flavors usually have a sharp throat hit for me, but this one doesn’t have a throat hit at all. This flavor overall is really smooth.

I like this one a lot.

VanVal’s e-liquids are really affordable. You can get 65ml bottles for $8.99, 125ml bottles for $15.99, 210ml bottles for $24.99, and sample packs of seven 15ml bottles for $15.99.

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