E-Juice Review: Vanval’s Trippy Drip Drip – Pineapple and Peach Gummy Rings

I received Trippy Drip Drip from VanValVapor.com for the purpose of review.

They describe this one as:

The succulent nectar of a pineapple integrated seamlessly into a smooth gummy blend similar to the gummy taste in peach rings to form this sweet tooth satiating vape

The bottle I received is 6mg nicotine. It has a nice label, it’s a 17.5 ml bottle, and it’s mostly clear with a little bit of a yellowish tint.

It definitely smells like gummy peach rings. It smells really good.

For my review I used the Kbox 200 with the Pharaoh RDA on top. It’s built a 0.14 ohms and I’ll be starting at 80 watts.

It does taste a little bit like gummy and a little bit like peach, but it actually has a kind of a floral taste. At 6mg nicotine, it’s very smooth. After a few drags that floral taste seems to go away.

The gummy flavor and the peach flavor are very light. It’s good but there’s not as much flavor as i would like. But if you like lighter flavors, I think you’d probably like this one.

VanVal’s e-liquids are really affordable. You can get 65ml bottles for $8.99, 125ml bottles for $15.99, 210ml bottles for $24.99, and sample packs of seven 15ml bottles for $15.99.

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