The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 12

In this episode we discuss:

  • CDC Continues to Lie and Deceive the Public about Youth Tobacco Use
  • Top 10 Vapor Facts from SFATA
  • 14-year-old blinded after e-cigarette explodes at mall kiosk
  • Dora the Explorer Got a Girl Expelled After Getting Caught Vaping at School
  • 5 E-Juice Flavors for People on the Go
  • How to taste your juice more intensely
  • SFATA Recommends ‘Media Checklist’ For Vapor Products
  • 9 Reasons ALL Vapers Should Own A Vape Pen
  • Safe Hybrid Use vs. Unsafe Hybrid Use (Infographic)
  • High Risk Credit Card Merchant Processing Explained
  • ECBlend’s Novelty Flavored E-juice
  • Why do people choose a mech over regulated?
  • Human fog machine
  • A Fond Farewell From Martyn Parker

Links to everything I talk about are below the video.

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