Wellon Lux Pod Vape Review

The Lux was sent to me directly from Wellon, the company who makes it. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram. This is a sleek and discreet pod-based vape. It’s draw-activated, easy-to-use, and it performs well.

Wellon Lux Specs

  • It uses an aluminum alloy battery with a capacity of 450mah
  • Full charging time is estimated at about 2 hours
  • The cartridges are made of PCTG plastic and hold 1.2ml
  • The coils are ceramic and have a resistance 1.4ohm
  • It pushes 8 watts to the coil
  • It’s 95 x 19 x 10.6mm
  • It weights 22g
  • It comes in colors: Black, silver, champagne gold, rose gold

And it has your typical safety protections; low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and pod detection.

In The Box You Get

  • The Lux device
  • Two refillable pods
  • A charging cable
  • and a user manual

The Wellon Lux Design

The Lux, in my opinion, looks really nice. It’s a little bulkier than the Juul, but it’s not really much different. It has a rounded design, nice color, and a good looking logo/led light at the bottom.

On the top where the pod connects, they added these slots which serve the great purpose of letting you see how much e-juice you have in the pods. This is a small feature that I love.

The Wellon Lux Refillable Pods

The Lux comes with refillable pods that hold up to 1.2ml of e-liquid. When they’re new, they come in foil packs. Just pop one out and fill it up. The fill-holes are a little small, but this is a little tiny pod, so the fill holes are about as big as you can get. Fine-tip bottles are perfect for filling, but you might make a mess if you try to fill it up with a glass e-juice dropper.

You can fill it up to just under the top of the chimney in the middle. If you fill over that, e-juice will go into the chimney so just be careful about that.

The pods drop right into the device and stick with a magnetic connection. You’ll see the connector pins in the device and flat metal plates that connect on the bottom of the pod.

The Wellon Lux Has Amazing Flavor

The pods use ceramic coils, which puts out really good flavor. I don’t know if it’s just the ceramic or the overall design of the pod, but I am totally surprised by how good the flavor is on these pods. The design is just about perfect.

The Airflow In The Lux Is a Little Airy

Usually, with pod-based kits like this, you’d expect a really tight draw to mimic a smoking experience, more like the Juul. That’s not the case here. The airflow is more of a cross between an airy mouth to lung draw and a very restricted lung draw. It seems to work both ways. You CAN take mouth to lung hits if you take several in a row, or you can take lung hits. I find myself switching between both while using the Lux.

I think that’s really important to note that, because you don’t want to get one of these expecting a really tight draw. I actually ended up really liking the draw because it lets me take some pretty big hits when I want. You can get a big cloud of vapor, with lots of flavor, and you can use fairly high nic e-juice.

I’ve been using 50mg high-nic e-juice just fine. These are 1.4ohm coils powered by only 8 watts, so high-nic salt-nic e-juice seems to work nicely. They’ve really fine-tuned the way this works. 8 watts on 1.4 ohms, and creating the amount of vapor it produces is awesome.

The biggest drawback of the pod is that it whistles. Both pods I’ve tried have a slight whistle.

The LED Light

The LED light on the device tells you the battery charge. When it has a high charge it will be green, a medium charge will be blue, and a low charge will be white.

The LED will also light up when you plug in your pod to let you know that it’s connected properly.

Battery and Charging

According to Wellon’s website, the Lux has an aluminum-ion battery, which is interesting. AI batteries are a newer battery technology that I haven’t heard of any vape company using before. Just from what I’ve read online, these are low cost, have low flammability, are fast charging, and compared to lithium batteries, they are significantly safer and have higher capacity. This is really unique.

The battery is 450mah and I’ve actually found that to be quite a big battery for this device. By comparison, the Juul reportedly has a 200mah battery, so this is more than double the size. I’ve been vaping on it quite a bit and it holds a charge for a long time and battery management is really good.

To charge the Lux, you just plug it into a USB cable, which is great. I’m really happy that they went with a mini-USB since it’s something we all have easy access to, rather than using an annoying proprietary charger like other companies use.

Final Thoughts on the Wellon Lux

Overall, it’s a great pod-based vape. It’s really easy to use, it has an awesome battery, it looks great, it’s really small, and the flavor is really, really good. The only con that I really have is that the pods have a slight whistle.

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