Yocan Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Personal Air filter was sent to me for review from Yocan. These are small, portable filters designed to filter out both smoke and vape. They’re also super affordable at only $10-15 each kit. I believe these are just starting to roll out, so I can’t find prices for the individual replaceable filters yet and only the full kits.

In the Box:

  • One silicone cover
  • One disposable cartridge


These personal air filters consist of two parts; a silicone cover or sleeve, and a filter cartridge. There are currently five different silicone cover designs to pick from, but the cartridge is the same for each of them. The designs include a Penguin, Whale, Flying Saucer, Mushroom, and Pinecone.

Each sleeve version comes in four different colors, but not all of them come in the same four colors.

The cover is made of soft silicone, and it feels soft and comfortable to hold and use.


The pinecone sleeve comes in the colors of brown, pink, blue, and black. The pinecone and the Whale are about the same size and are the smallest models they make. It’s a simple design and works well.


The penguin sleeve comes in blue, pink, white, and black. This design is fun because it actually looks like a penguin with a penguin beak and an eye. The beak makes this one especially unique from the others because it provides a mouthpiece you can actually place your mouth over, which could give some people a better seal and performance.


The whale sleeve comes in orange, green, blue, and black. This one works a lot like the pinecone sleeve. The only difference is the design. It has those long straight ridges that whales have on their bellies.

Flying Saucer

The flying saucer sleeve comes in green, orange, blue, and black. This is one of the biggest sleeves because of the saucer at the bottom of it. This makes it much less portable than the others, but it’s a fun design.


The mushroom sleeve comes in pink, blue, yellow, and black. This is a lot like the flying saucer model as far as size goes. It’s a lot less portable than the penguin, pinecone, and whale, but it’s not enormous, and it’s fun. The mushroom model also has a unique extended mouthpiece like the penguin does, so some people might like this one more for that reason.

Changing the Cartridge

The silicone cover is reusable, but the cartridge is not. The cartridge is expected to last upwards of 300+ uses.

The cartridge is held in place tightly in the cover, but it’s also easy to pop in and out when you need to change it out for a new one. The cover is open on two sides, and you can push the cartridge out from either side.

Cartridge Construction

The entire cartridge, inside and out, is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials. I don’t know what the outside of the cartridge is made out of, but it seems like thick paper material or cardboard. The inside of the device is a 4-stage HEPA filtration system, which includes a filter, and activated coconut carbon.

Airflow and Performance

The airflow is slightly restricted. You aren’t going to get dizzy blowing into it, but you do need to put a little force into it, and you might be a little short of breath after each hit. But it’s similar to other filters I’ve tried.

As far as performance goes, it works great. If you don’t get a tight seal, you might get a little vapor leaking through, but when you figure out how to get a good seal on each one, it’ll take any hit you can give it.

Final Thoughts

I really like these little personal filters. They’re fairly portable, they work extremely well, the designs are great, and they’re really affordable. I’m actually very surprised at how cheap these are. I believe the MSRP is $15, but I’ve seen one online store selling them for $10. That’s a great price for these.

And if you need something for more heavy use, Yocan also just came out with a heavy-duty filter called the Invisibility Cloak (see my review here), which is designed for up to 1000+ uses.

The Yocan Personal Air Filters were sent to me for the purpose of review from Yocan. You can learn more about them from their website at YocanGreen.com.

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