Yocan Green Invisibility Cloak Review

Yocan has come out with a new line of disposable air filter products under the name of Yocan Green. This particular product is their largest disposable model, the Invisibility Cloak.

Yocan is known for creating vaporizers designed to use for herbal products, such as dry herb and concentrates. And with a name like Yocan Green, you can make an assumption of who this is targeted to. But you can use this for any kind of smoke or vape, it doesn’t matter the source.

So let’s talk about the Invisibility Cloak and my experience with it.

The Design

Yocan Invisibility Cloak portable air filter device for vaping and smoke

This is a tall and slightly bulky device. It reminds me of a miniature version of one of those cylindrical full-room air purifiers. Yocan sent me the light green model, which has dark specs mixed in to give it a more interesting look. You can also get these in black, white, purple, and pink.

At the top of the filter is a silicone flap, which is where you blow into, and at the bottom of the filter are all of the holes, which is where the air is expelled.

How the Invisibility Cloak Works

Top view of the Yocan Invisibility Cloak showing the silicone flap and filter intake holes

Inside The Invisibility Cloak is a 4-Stage HEPA filter, which has a screen filter, sponge, activated carbon, and a filter element. This is as good as it gets. A 4-Stage HEPA filter is a heavy duty filter. It’s what I use in my home!

Yocan says that this is enough to combat second-hand smoke, prevent smells, and prevent stains from accumulating in your car or house.

You get up to 1000 uses of this filter so you’re going to have it for a long time. And that means you should clean it up so it doesn’t get gross build up.Wipe down the outer shell and the mouthpiece section regularly. You can use a wet wipe or cloth to clean it but you need to be very careful about getting the internal filter wet because that will ruin it.

It’s a Little Bulky

The Invisibility Cloak isn’t as as small as Yocan would like you to believe. They say it’s compact and portable. I guess that depends on what you need it for or what you consider portable. If you’re carrying it around in a backpack or purse, or keeping it in your car, then yeah, it’s portable. But this definitely won’t fit in your pocket and you might not want to carry it around in your hand.

Check out my review of the Yocan Personal Air Filter if you’re looking for much more portable filter.

How to Use the Invisibility Cloak

Close-up of the silicone seal on the top of the Yocan Invisibility Cloak air filter device

To use the Invisibility Cloak, pop open the silicone lid and blow your vape into the device. You need to put your lips inside of the hole in order to create a tight seal, otherwise the vape will bounce right back out.


I’ve taken some pretty big hits and I’ve never seen any vape come out of the other end. Although there is some leakage around my mouth where I just can’t make a perfect seal. But it’s so small that it probably isn’t going to leave a smell. Or if it does, it’ll go away quick.

You might also get a bit of vape coming out of the top after your hit too, so if you want to prevent that, you need to continue to blow through the device for longer.

The airflow is fairly restricted, which is how these things always are, but it’s not so restricted that you’ll feel like passing out from trying get the air through it.

Final Thoughts

Yocan Invisibility Cloak air filter device bottom view showing the air expulsion slots

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty vape or smoke air filter, designed to both cover up the smell and dissipate the particles, this is an excellent option. This would be great to use in your home, car, office, hotel room, or anywhere else you might need it. It performs amazingly well, the airflow restriction is comfortable (and comparable to other types of personal air filters), it’s fairly portable, it’s easy to use, and it’s 100% biodegradable and recyclable. And at $20 for 1000 uses, I’d say it’s cost-efficient too. I’m a big fan.


Yocan Invisibility Cloak box displaying features and specifications

  • 4-Stage HEPA Filter
  • 100% Recycleable
  • 100% Biodegradeable
  • Up to 1000 uses
  • Colors: Purple, White, Green, Black, and Pink
  • Price: $19.99 each

The Invisibility Cloak was sent to me for review from Yocan and you can learn more about it from YocanGreen.com.

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