AAA Vape Savor Pod Review

The AAA Vape Savor Pod kit was sent to me for review from (check it out here). This is a very simple pod device that works very well.


  • 700mAh internal battery
  • 1.75ml liquid capacity
  • 15w max
  • $19.98

In The Box

  • Savor Device
  • Two Pods (1.0-Ohm and 1.4-Ohm)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Lanyard


The Savor is a nice looking pod device. It comes in two different patterns, which is basically a solid color or a cracked pattern. And each pattern comes in six different colors; black, blue, green, purple, red, and gold

The size is:

  • 93.5mm (3.7 inches) long
  • 21.2mm (0.8 inches) wide
  • 11.5mm (0.5 inches) thick


There are no buttons at all. Simply fill up the pod, plug it into the device and take a drag. It’s draw activated, so it works as soon as you hit it.


The pods hold 1.75ml of liquid, which is interesting. We usually see a max of 2ml which is what the TPC rules in the EU require. Either way, 1.75ml is fine, especially for high-nicotine liquids.

The pods drop down into the device and hold strong with a few magnets. It’s also seems to click in place as well, so you get a really strong hold and won’t come loose in your pocket.

To fill the pods, there’s a little silica gel plug on the side of the pod. Pull that out and you have a nice sized hole, so you shouldn’t have a problem with making a mess. The pod also has a minimum fill line, so make sure you always keep the pod filled up to that level to prevent the coils from going dry.


The pods have built-in coils, so you can’t change the coils. When you need to replace the coil, you need to replace the entire pod. The coils use high density organic cotton, which Savor says extends the life of the coil by 30% and creates a pure flavor.

There are two types of pods that fit the Savor

1.0-Ohm – This coil is designed for MTL restricted draw vaping

1.4-Ohm Dual Coil – This coil is designed for direct lung hits.

The flavor that I get from both pods is great. The flavor is really what makes the Savor worth buying in my opinion. It’s really good.


The airflow is pretty loose. Not loose enough to get a good restricted lung hit though. Usually I prefer a much tighter draw on mouth to lung devices like this, but this airflow actually works really well for this device. I think it’s because the airflow is smooth and also because the Savor pushes a high enough wattage to get a good hit.

The airflow comes into the device through a tiny little intake holes on both sides of the device. Just keep those in mind while you’re vaping so that you don’t accidentally cover those up and restrict the airflow. Or if you want to restrict the airflow, you can purposely cover one of them too.


The battery inside the Savor device is a 700mAh battery. It’s a standard sized battery for a device of this size, which is a good thing. It’s large enough that it should get you through a full day of heavy use.

The LED light has three colors to indicate battery life.

  • Green: 75%-100%
  • Blue: 35%-74%
  • Red: Below 34%

The battery charges with a micro-USB cable and you can vape it while it’s charging.

And there are several protections built-in

  • Over temperature protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Low battery protection
  • Atomizer short circuit protection
  • 10 second cutoff

Final Thoughts

That’s it! This is a very nice little pod device. I would have liked to have adjustable airflow and replaceable coils, but those are pretty minor issues. And the flavor from the pods is great. Overall, the Savor has been great to use.

The Savor Pod Kit was sent to me for review from and you can get it from them for $19.98.

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