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La Manufacture E-Juice – Tobacco Flavor from France

La Manufacture was sent to me from a podcast subscriber of mine, Christy from North Carolina. I actually don’t know if she’s still a listener because I don’t do the podcast much anymore, but we talked a long time ago about our appreciation for unique tobacco vapes and she sent me a bunch of different great tobacco vapes.

La Manufacture is created by a company in Paris, France named Fuu.

I had to translate from French to English, which I rewrote, so there might be some things missed in the translation, but their description of La Manufacture says:

Created in 50/50, this recipe delivers a perfect “classic” taste that is both simple and complex. It’s rich but not too toasted, light but present, and caramelized without being too sweet. This e-liquid is balanced and aimed at those who seek an alternative to “classic” flavors that are too rich or too simple.

  • [euro] 6.50 per 15ml
  • Nic: 0, 4, 8, 12, 16
  • VG/PG: 50/50

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Purple Haze by Drip Addict – Grape Bubblegum

Purple Haze was sent to me for review from They are an online vape shop whose been around for more than four years, so not a fly-by-night setup. They’re based out of Malaysia but they ship to over 80 countries. And because they’re out of Malaysia they have a ton of Malaysian e-juices, which is really cool, but they also carry U.S. and Japan liquids too.

Alright well lets talk about Purple Haze. This is from a line called Drip Addict, made by a company named Juice Tuners.

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