The DabTabs Go All-In-One Review

The DabTabs Go All-in-One was sent to me for review from Stratos DabTabs. The Go All-in-One is a portable vape pen designed specifically for DabTabs.

If you don’t know what DabTabs are, check out my review here. They are basically small ceramic tablets that hold a full dab of 50mg worth of THC liquid. They are dry tablets that don’t release the liquid until they’re heated. They can be used on any dabbing device and give you about 4-5 hits, maybe more, maybe less, depending on what you use to vape them.

In the Box

  • The DabTabs Go device
  • A micro-USB charging cable
  • A user manual


The Go All-In-One is a super simple device without a lot of features. It looks like any typical vape pen, which I think is perfectly fine. If you want something a little more powerful, check out my review of the DabTabs Shatterizer.


To turn the device off and on, press the firing button five times fast.

You have three temperature settings to pick from, which you adjust by pressing the firing button three times fast while it’s on.

  • Blue is low (3.3 watts)
  • Green is medium (3.7 watts)
  • Red is high (4.2 watts)

The actual wattage of each setting isn’t listed on the site or the manual so I don’t know what those translate to.

You also have a pre-heat function, which is important for DabTabs. You need to preheat the tabs so that they start to release the dab, so you’ll need this feature. To turn it on, press the firing button two times fast. While it’s preheating, the light around the button will cycle through the colors for 15 seconds and then automatically shut off. You can also stop it early by pressing the firing button once.

Mouthpiece and Chamber

The mouthpiece unscrews from the device and gives you access to the DabTab chamber. If you look down in there, you’ll see a flat ceramic coil. Simply drop a Daptab onto the coil, making sure that it’s flat so that it heats efficiently, screw the mouthpiece back on, and start vaping.

You do need to try to keep the pen upright so that the tablet doesn’t move around, so keep that in mind.

The atomizer is not detachable from the Go All-In-One, so when the coil goes out, you’ll need to buy a new pen. If you’d rather have this same atomizer as a removable version so that you can use it on another device, you can buy the Go atomizer for $10.

And the device charges with an included micro USB charging cable


This is a little pen and not designed for big hits, so you aren’t going to get a lot of vapor. But the pen is designed to give you an accurate dose, so you will get a good hit and good flavor.

You’ll get about 3-5 hits depending on your temperature setting, then you can flip the tab over and get another 3-5 hits. You can get bigger hits on more powerful devices, but since DabTabs have an exact dosage of 50mg of concentrate, you’ll know how much you’re getting just by checking to see when the tablet is brown. It just might take a few more hits to get there.

Final Thoughts

The Go All-in-One is a really nice vape pen. If you’re a DabTab user, this is a great device to have so that you don’ have to break out your bigger rigs for a quick vape. It heats up DabTabs well, I get great flavor, it has three temperature settings, it has a pre-heat mode, and it’s super-portable and easy to use.

The main concern I have is the life span of the coil. It’s built-in and non-replaceable, so once that coil is bad, you’ll need to get a new pen. I don’t know if that coil even goes bad or how long it lasts.

The Go All-In-One DabTab vaporizer was sent to me for review and you can get it for $20, so it’s pretty affordable.

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