Disposable Moti Piin Vape Review

These were sent to me for the purpose of review. Moti Piins are a new line of disposable devices from Moti. I’ve never tried anything from Moti before but I’ve heard good things about them and they do a great job of product branding. These little vapes are simple, but they look great.

These are disposable devices, so once it’s empty or the battery dies, you toss it. They have a 320 mAh battery, hold 1.6ml of liquid, have a resistance of 1.6ohm, and have a proprietary polymer cotton in the coil. They also contain 5% salt nicotine, which would translate to 50mg.


Moti currently has 18 different flavors and they sent me seven for review so lets jump into each one.

Mung Bean

I had to start with this one. It smells weird right when you take it out of the package. I smells like being in the back yard, like plants and greens and dirt. I wasn’t expecting the strong menthol hit on this. That menthol is super strong and I don’t vape menthol often so it really got me. I got used to it though. The taste isn’t much different than the smell. This has to be the strangest flavor I’ve ever tasted. It’s just this earthy plant taste. It’s not gross, just weird. I’ve actually grown to like it over time too.

Banana Frost

This has a great sweet banana flavor, like a very sweet banana candy. I like it a lot. The menthol is strong and works well with the banana.

Pineapple Ice

The pineapple comes out strong and really good. It’s a very sweet pineapple flavor with a strong menthol hit.

Strawberry Ice

This tastes a whole lot like those little strawberry hard candies that come in those red wrappers with strawberry seeds printed on them. I love those candies, so I love this flavor too. It’s very good with a strong menthol hit.

Mango Lychee Ice

Mango and lychee go together great. This is an awesome flavor. I get both the mango and lychee flavors really well and they’re strong and sweet.

Blueberry Ice

I could tell right away this was a blueberry flavor, but it’s more like a candy or soda type blueberry. It’s not what I was expecting for a blueberry flavor, and I would have liked a more candy-ish blueberry, but it’s good.

Tropical Mango

This one isn’t named “Ice” like the others, but it still has a strong menthol kick. I actually think the menthol is stronger here than the other flavors. The tropical mango flavor comes out really strong and it tastes great. This is mango with some really good sweetness to it.

So that’s what they sent me, but like I said they have a lot of other flavors too. They also have classic tobacco, menthol tobacco, blueberry parfait, jasmine tea, yogurt drink, grape ice, blackcurrant soda, wine ice, cola, watermelon ice, and spearmint.

At the top of the pen is a mouthpiece with a great comfortable shape to it.

At the bottom is the airflow intake with four small holes that lets in a perfect amount of airflow. There is also an LED light that lights up bright while you’re taking a hit.

The draw is a restricted draw, so it’s a tight hit. Not really tight, but you can’t get a lung hit. I think it has the perfect draw for a little high-nic pen device.

If you like sweet flavors, high nicotine, tight draw, and strong menthol, you’ll probably like any of these flavors. The Moti Piins were sent to me for review and you can pick them up from MotiVape.com for $14.95 each.

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