Stratos DabTabs Shatterizer Review

The DabTabs Shatterizer was sent to me for review from Stratos DabTabs (check it out here). The Shatterizer is a portable dabbing device, but this special DabTtabs edition has a coil specifically designed to use with DabTabs tablets. If you don’t want to use DabTabs, you can also use other coils in the Shatterizer to dab like you would normally.

In the box

  • Shatterizer device
  • Shatterizer atomizer
  • Silicone Sleeve
  • Two ceramic coils
  • Magnetic DabTabs storage container
  • Micro USB Charging cable


If you’re not familiar with DabTabs, they are little ceramic tablets that contain 50mg of THC that are designed to be used on any dabbing device. Check out my review of DabTabs if you want to learn more.

The design of the device is really nice. The Shatterizer comes in different editions designed for dabbing, but this one has been customized for DabTabs. It has a new glass tank, a tablet-holding storage container, and a silicone sleeve to give it an upgraded look.

I think the Shatterizer is a nice portable size with plenty of power, but if you’re looking for something even more discreet, you might like the DabTabs Go All-In-One. Check out my review of the DabTabs Go All-In-One here.


To turn it off and on, click the firing button five times fast.


For this type of device, pre-heating is essential. The Shatterizer has a 15-second pre-heat mode, which activates with two fast clicks of the firing button. The light will glow orange while it’s preheating, and you can stop it short of the 15 seconds by clicking the firing button again once.

Temperature Settings

There are three temperature settings. When the device is on, click the firing button three times fast to cycle through each one.

  • Red is low and vapes at 20 watts
  • Blue is medium and vapes at 25 watts
  • Orange is high and vapes at 30 watts


This has a 1400mAh battery, so you’ve got a big battery in here. It should last quite a while.

Storage container

On the bottom of the Shatterizer is a magnetic storage container. This is really cool because you can use it to store new or used DabTabs. The magnet is nice and strong and sticks to the device like it’s a part of it.

The Atomizer

The atomizer on the DabTabs Shatterizer is a regular 510 atomizer. It screws into the top of the device like any typical vape device. That means that you could actually use this atomizer on any other device if you wanted to, which I think is awesome. They don’t seem to sell it separately from the device though, so that’s a drawback.

The glass cap is the barrel and mouthpiece in one. It’s hard to see on the video, but the mouthpiece is blocked off with glass which has an airflow opening on one side to let the vapor pass through. That gives you some very important protection from accidentally having a hot Dabtab fall out while you’re using it.

The glass cap is held in place with two o-rings. It slides right on and the o-rings keep it on tight. Stratos recommends twisting it to ease it off so that you don’t accidentally break it, but I think it comes off easily enough.

The special ceramic coil simply screws into the base and then you drop in a Dabtab, put the glass cap back on, and you’re ready to vape.


This device uses special disposable ceramic coils. They come in packs of five and cost about $40. They are designed to be used only for DabTabs, so you don’t want to use any other type of concentrate in these. They are expected to last about 2-3 weeks of regular use.

The device itself can use other coils too though, for example, if you want to use other types of concentrates. You’ll just want to look for coils that fit the Shatterizer specifically.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing is new to me. I’ve never done it before so I had no idea that it could be done with a device like this. It’s just as easy as using any other vape device. But as far as using the DabTabs edition of the Shatterizer, it works great. It’s extremely easy to use and it heats up DabTabs perfectly. The flavor from the atomizer is great and it’s just an overall good vape.

The Shatterizer was went to me for review and you can get it from for around $80.

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