Stratos DabTabs Review: A 50mg Dab in a Ceramic Tablet

Stratos Dabtabs sent me their DabTabs products for the purpose of this review. DabTabs are vapeable tablets that contain cannabis oil and terpenes. Currently, you can only buy these with THC, but they are considering coming out with a CBD version in the future. These tablets are made in the U.S. and are designed to be used in a vape device or dab rig. Stratos sent me three types of DabTabs and two devices specifically designed to vape these tabs, which I’ve also reviewed; the discreet Go All-In-One vape pen and the more powerful DabTabs Shatterizer.


These are little ceramic hexagon-shaped tablets that contain a dab. They are are designed to give you a clean, full-flavor, full-spectrum vape.

The main benefit of these is that you get a dab without the mess. The contents of the tab are contained in the tab and they handle high heat so you could even leave them in the car without them leaking. To vape the concentrate, the tabs need to be heated to a temperature between 450-550 degrees.

Another benefit of these tabs is that each one has exactly 50mg of concentrate, so you don’t need to guess how much you’re using.

And when they’re done, they change color, so you know that there’s nothing left and you can toss it. These tablets are earth-friendly too. Stratos says that they are made with materials that are pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration systems and that you can even toss it into the garden to give it nutrients.

I’ve seen some posts online of people buying ceramic discs like these or even taking used DabTabs and refilling them. I haven’t done enough research to figure this out, but I’ve seen someone saying that you would put a tab and your concentrate together in high heat, such as an oven, and the tab soaks up the liquid like a sponge.


Stratos Energy Dabtabs

Energy Dabtabs are made with a Sativa strain named Durban Poison, which originates from the South African city of Durban. This strain is known for having mostly fruity terpenes, as well as herbal and minty terpenes. It’s also known for its energetic and uplifting effects. This has 83.2% THC and 1.6% CBD.

Stratos Relax Dabtabs

Relax DabTabs are made with the Cookies Indica strain. This strain results in feelings of being relaxed, happy, sleep, and euphoric. This has 82.8% THC and 0% CBD.

Stratos Sleep DabTabs

Sleep DabTabs are made with the Indica-dominant Blueberry Kush strain. This will give you a feeling of relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and sleepiness. This has 82.4% THC and 0% CBD.

How to Use DabTabs

Stratos says that you can use DabTabs on vaporizers, dab rigs, and other dabbing devices. Stratos makes several devices specifically designed to vape DabTabs, so that’s what I used. It’s extremely easy.

You start by dropping a tablet into the device. You want the tablet to sit flat on the atomizer so that heat is more evenly distributed. Then you start the pre-heat process on the device, which is usually 10-15 seconds. Then you take a hit.

You don’t get a lot of vapor from these unless you’re using a high-powered rig, but DabTabs says that this is normal and preferable, because you don’t want to heat these up so much that you get combustion. You might not get a lot of vapor, but you still get the hit.

After a few hits, the tablet will change from yellow to brown, which tells you that it’s all used up. It’ll be hot so if you’re ready to take it out, you don’t want to drop it into your hands. DabTabs actually includes a pair of metal tweezers in each sample pack that you can use to handle hot tablets.

Final Thoughts

I really love the idea of DabTabs. These things are awesome! I’ve considered trying dabbing before but never followed through because I didn’t want to deal with the mess or learn how to do it. So I think DabTabs are a great way to try out dabbing without having to figure everything else out.

These were sent to me for review from Recreational pricing for DabTabs ranges from $45-50 for a 20-tablet/1000mg (1 gram) package and $8-10 for a 3-tablet/150mg trial pack.

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