E-Liquid Review: G Vapers Dank Sauce – Marshmallow Key Lime Pie

G Vapers sent me a 30ml bottle of Dank Sauce e-juice in exchange for a review. Dank Sauce is one of 19 flavors available from Gvapers.com.

Product Specs

  • 30ml – 7.99
  • 60ml – 12.99
  • 120ml – 22.99

Nicotine levels available: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Description: Marshmallow Key Lime Pie

The Review

I’ve seen a lot of really good reviews for G Vapors e-juices so I was excited to try this one. Dank Sauce is a marshmallow key lime pie flavor, which is a very interesting and unique flavor.

One of the things that I really like about G Vapers is that they use a professional looking and classy label on their bottles. There’s a lot of people who hate cartoony-looking labels, so this would appeal to them.

This e-juice comes in a nice soft plastic bottle and has a pointy tip, which is great for filling tanks with small fill holes.

It definitely smells like key lime pie. I can’t really make out the marshmallow smell, but that seems like a smell that would be hard to get out of any e-juice.

For this review I used the iStick 100wTC with the Freakshow Mini on top. The atomizer was built at 1. ohm and I vaped it at 18 watts.

Right off the bat on the first hit, the flavor is pretty good. It actually tastes like key lime pie. The lime isn’t overpowering but it’s definitely the dominant flavor. I don’t get any crust flavors though. It’s not like a bakery flavor, but more like the filling of a key lime pie. I’m also not sure if I can taste any marshmallows. It must be a very small percentage.

I think this flavor is actually pretty accurate to G Vapers description. The quality of this e-juice is not what I was expecting out of a budget juice.

This one is really good and it’s a very affordable e-juice. Dank Sauce is definitely worth the low price. G Vapers e-juice is self-proclaimed as “the best cheap eliquid” and from the budget brands that I’ve tried (and many premium brands as well), I agree with that statement.

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